[Not too many OMM members reach this far in the lessons, and the idea tostart this Archive just came to fruition in July 2004, so this page has alltoo few entries!  We do have a bunch of incidents recorded on paper(letters, journals and a few emails), but we haven’t gotten them typed up.]

The OMM priests and priestesses are often prophetesses (or prophets) anddon’t realize it.  Prophecy just means delivering messages from on high. Meaningful coincidences and chanced upon Bible verses are often divinemessages.

Please participate and send inyour coincidences and strange happenings/discoveries with the subject line,”For OMM Synchronicity Log” from _________ your magikal name.

Mariyel, magikal name, Magdala-Sophia writes on November 20, 2005

I had a dream.

In 1988, during a very stressful period in my life, I had a dream in whichI had a visitation. A beautiful lady, approximately 28 years old (this wastold to me in the dream) with flowing red hair, dressed is a flowing garmentand looking like an angel came to me and spoke these words, ” Be preparedfor death is coming, but it will not be thee or thine.”

For years, I believed this visionary person was my sister, my parent’sfirst child, Linda Ann, who was stillborn, although she had been alive aslabor began. I come from a family of redheads, so it fit my knowledge baseand belief system at the time.

From 1988 through early 1992, I lost 10 people close to me and importantin my life. The florist I use knew me by voice! I’d call and say I’dlike to send sympathy flowers, and the shop keeper would say, “Oh no! Notyou again Mrs. Stover”. Yup, it was me.

It all began in November of 1988 with the death of my 11 nephew (myhusband’s sister’s son). He was hit by a car while crossing a busyhighway. Sean was a very small 11-year-old and when I saw him in his coffin,I fainted. Now I am not prone to swooning or fainting spells nor as a nurseam I at all afraid of dead people nor as a believer am I afraid of death.But . . . . out I went. I knew this was the beginning of what my vision hadforetold.

The pastor’s wife of my in-laws church was the one who caught me beforeI hit the floor. I had never met this lady before, but she said, “Don’tworry, it won’t be your children.” How and why she said such a thingwas puzzling, but I knew her words came from somewhere other than the timeand place we were physically experiencing.

Over the next few years I lost this nephew Sean Madden 11, my sister inlaw’s son; my beloved father, Arthur Leigh 69; my best friend, BonnieLowry Blosser 43; my eldest daughter’s Godfather, my great Uncle Winnie82; my sister’s adopted son (her husband’s son from his 1st marriage),Brian 17; my Godmother, Ellen Leigh Cartlidge 72; my eldest daughter’sGodmother, my great Aunt Sally 76; my only close cousin, Linda Hamer Wilcox44 (she blew her brains out with a 38 cal. hand gun), and my sister’shusband’s mom Midge Farris 68. Also during that time my other closestfriend, Eleanor Johnstone Fowler, moved to Arizona. Through all the losses,that also felt like a death.

I have actually lost memory of the immediate months after my dad died in1989. He died on August 7, 1989 and I have no real memory until afterThanksgiving of that year. I know I went back to work, I was working as theday shift charge nurse in an assisted living center. I know my son went outfor Halloween, but I don’t remember the costume we dressed him up in.I made Thanksgiving dinner and had company, but I don’t remember cookingor who was there. I simply don’t remember a thing! That is a veryuncomfortable feeling, to say the least. But I digress.

About 3 years ago, I began reading about Gnostic religions. When I foundMargaret Starbird’s “The Woman with the Alabaster Jar”, I knew I wason the right track to answer the many questions that had been troubling meabout religion since childhood.

As I’ve been studying in the Order of Mary Magdalene, I found I wasliterally eating up every bit of knowledge I could absorb. I was feelinglike a woman possessed! It has only been in recent months that I have foundmy peace. About 8 weeks or so ago, while working on my lessons, I had a feelingof cold spread over me like a blanket. I was meditating and watching a candleflicker as I worked. A voice in my head said, “You finally understand whyI came to you. You know who I really am”. I knew then and I know now, thevision that came to me in my dream, all those years ago, was not my infantsister in a grown persona. The Lady with the flowing red hair was Mary Magdalene.She came to protect me and my mental stability from the additional stressesthat were coming my way. She knew that some day I would find her. She wantedme to be mentally prepared to accept the skeptical views of people who donot want to give up their ingrained beliefs and orthodox structures. Shewanted me to be curious and searching. I know she wants me, as well as somany others, to help restore her to her rightful place, at the side of herBeloved.

And so as she wishes, it shall be.

+ + Diakonissa/Priestess Magdala-Sophia + +

On April 21, 2006, OMM Priestess Anath writes:  Last night, I awakenedto see the red egg in front of me. It was lit up like a Christmas light!Think this is a “good thing.” Do you have any ideas about the meaning? Perhapsher light is getting brighter!