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The Magical Universe

by Dr Jan de Avalon

Copyright © All rights reserved July 2007

Nothing happens in the magical universe unless someone wills it to

–William S Burroughs

One Source

Every culture on this planet has a way of explaining who they are and how they came to be here. They will have stories that explain their origins and even the origin of the planet earth and the universe itself. Anthropologists call these ‘creation myths,’ which is not really an accurate description. For the people involved, these explanations are not myths. They are the way things happened.

Everything is Connected

One of the principles in magic says that once two things have been in contact they remain connected. So, if we all come from the same source, then we are already connected at some level, no matter how long we have been apart.

As quantum physicists investigate what exists within the atom, they are finding more and more nothingness and space than matter. They are calling this space the dark matter, dark energy and the phantom energy. The further they look the less there is and their concept of what constitutes matter and therefore reality has changed. Not only that it appears that these tiny ‘particles’ behave in ways that indicate some kind of connection between them, even when they are far apart. The research seems to confirm that at a deeper level of reality we are all connected. This connection in the Bible is the Holy Ghost and that we all originate from that ‘spirit ‘or that energy. So does this mean the phantom energy the scientists describe could really be the Holy Ghost after all?

Holy Phantom

Holy Ghost

Holy Spirit

What is The Universe?

What does the word mean? The origin of universe comes from uni- (one) plus verse (turn)

Altogether. Literally ‘turned into one’.

Also that uni-is one and verse can mean sound would indicate one sound or one vibration

We can be in awe of the vastness of our place in it, or did it have to be this big in order for us to exist? Is this where Heaven is supposed to be? Or is it to be discovered in some other dimension. However all realities are inter-dimensional and totally inter-related and this would imply a constant connectedness and non-separation

How do we understand what the universe is and how it functions? The metaphor that science used to originally describe the universe was of a machine.

There are different ways of describing the universe. What organising metaphors have we used to describe the universe and how they relate to a greater understanding of the practice of modern magic?

If God were a mathematician then The Universe could be described as the remainder of an equation that didn’t balance. Throughout history we have sought ways of understanding what The Universe is and our part in it.

An Organism

For thousands of years before science attempted to explain The Universe, the organising metaphor that we used was that The Universe was some kind of organism governed by a supernatural force.

The idea that there was some living system that held the universe together. How we explained the way things were, governed by a supernatural force. Just as we call the natural rhythms Mother Nature

Mother Nature does exactly what?

Planting a seed and praying for sun and rain for the growth is only the visible signs of the pattern in which things materialize

How does the seed know when and how to grow? Mother Nature working at a conscious level to trigger the process

Now we have a metaphor of The Universe as a developing organism. Author James Lovelock describes the earth as a living organism. So if The Universe is alive indicating that the earth is alive does it have a consciousness? We tend to say that the earth is a living being therefore it would be fair to say ‘she’ the earth must be conscious of being along with The Universe that created her. And The Universe must have an awareness of its on creation

A Machine

In the 13th century an introduction to astronomy called On the Sphere, by John of Sacrobosco describes The Universe as the machina mundi – the machine of the world.

In 1543 Copernicus launched a scientific revolution by rejecting the earth as the centre of the universe.

Isaac Newton created such an ordered model of The Universe in the 17th Century that it is referred to as Newton’s Clockwork Universe. This explained how The Universe functioned and the only reference to anything supernatural was that something, or someone, had to create the clock and then wind it up in the first place. Beyond that, once everything was set in motion, the Great Clockmaker stepped to one side and everything was predetermined.

Einstein threw a spanner in the works of Newton’s Universe with his theory of E=MC2

The assumption of science is that we are the smartest beings in The Universe, which is an easy step to take once the scientists eliminated consciousness from everything except the human brain.

What they forgot to mention was how does consciousness reside in the grey matter rather than how it exists in the dark matter first

A Hologram

The model of The Universe as a hologram gives us a framework for explaining the paranormal aspects. Both Neuro-physiologist Karl Pibram and physicist David Bohm independently arrived at holographic models of The Universe and in The Holographic Universe Michael Talbot explores how the hologram could be used to also explain the working of the brain and mind?

Michael Talbot describes the universe, the brain and body using the metaphor of a hologram. In his model of the universe matter and consciousness are a single field.

Memory, vision,

The Non-Local Universe

The more scientists investigated the world of the atom it became clearer that another driving force must be ‘ out there’. What they found seemed to go against common sense, or existing knowledge. It actually might be more appropriate to say ‘existing ignorance’, because in reality we only really learn something when we discover something that we didn’t know. Whenever we confirm what we already know, we haven’t moved forward and the most we can really say is that ‘we’re not wrong yet.’

When you break matter into smaller and smaller pieces you discover some unusual phenomena. The "objects" they identified didn’t seem to behave like objects.

They are no longer objects. They are potentialities

Experiments with quantum physics began discovering oneness or wholeness


The behavior of the parts was organized by the whole

Wholeness was a primary reality.

Oneness implies everything must originate from the one source and arrange itself accordingly to a cosmic law, from chaos to order

In Greek chaos means not-in- order and cosmos in-order

At the most basic level the Non-Local Universe is the idea that information can travel faster than the speed of light.

Would it be fair to say that light itself requires information to function and is therefore relying on a ‘higher ‘ source or force to operate within?

The idea of a holographic universe needs some attention too

As all existence exists primarily be-cause of some-thing else’s intention

It must therefore have within itself or reflecting away from itself a part of its original intent

A web of diamonds with each diamond the reflection of all the others.

A hologram effect

The Kabala states that consciousness is a mere ‘ reflection ‘ of the creator’s idea of its self

The Bible ‘as above so below’

However we must not ignore within and without

The hand cannot move without the arm and the arm cannot move without the body

Nor the body without the mind

What is seen in the mind is reflected by the actions

Gods consciousness is reflected in us and expressed in our actions

A reflection gives only imagery or a copying of the original.

The story of Narcissus falling in love with his reflection he saw in the water is a good example. What he saw was only a representation of what he believed to be him self. Not ‘ seeing ‘ his ‘ true ‘ self-hidden within.

So to sum up

For the scientists, the unsettling conclusion is that information must be travelling faster than the speed of light. However, from a different perspective the information is not actually ‘travelling’ because at a deeper level of reality everything is connected.

But we can suggest that because energy waves are continuously moving this would fit the explanation to the idea of ‘travelling’

Vibrations cause wavelengths or waveforms. They are travelling.

The Field

An invisible energy field, that defies explanation by science, influences us all. Gravity is just one of the unexplained scientific puzzles. The magnetic field of the earth is the means by which birds and animals migrate. Animals are known to be very sensitive to coming earthquakes and storms and tsunamis. Humans ignore the signs and think that they know best. Great lets put another housing estate on the San Andres Fault.

The Morphogenetic Field

Biologist Rupert Sheldrake has proposed the idea of the extended mind and a group consciousnes.s

Think about some of your own experiences.

Of course all of this can be explained away…or so we are led to believe.

There is nothing more powerful than group consciousness, coming together as one, thinking, feeling, expression, all to the same objective

What’s magical is that it works.

People who gather in prayer or meditation in compassionate action for the highest good of others.

The world exists because of polarity and within that there is given to mankind the freedom to choose.

And in the process of the experiences will endeavor to attract and become a creator also.

For every moment you exist you are freely given the opportunity to discourage or affirm the living soul in your body. Truly I say unto you ‘ life is the gift that you are giving to yourself ‘


"All matter is just energy condensed to a slow vibration – we are all one consciousness experiencing itself subjectively. There is no such thing as death; life is only a dream and we are the imagination of ourselves."

Bill Hicks

Energy waves pass through our energy field every second of the day, we are just receivers of in-formation which are thoughts forming. How we choose to receive and analyse the in coming messages is decided by our interpretation based upon our belief system. A neuron experience in the process of become an idea.

The brain recognizes intricate wavelengths and allows us to receive information from all dimensions all of the time

We transmit and receive information even when we sleep.

We are consciousness and energy; we are connected energetically to every single person, event or condition, which we choose to observe. The greatest gift we are given is lovingly becoming aware of yourself and the world you create Self realization is to love who you are and the very essence of life itself. You have the ability to infuse the divine energy of the universe with every single thought you have.

Because magic is a transferring of energies, it will be most useful to properly understand just how this really works and the more that you work with energy, the more it will enable you to have a sense of control and connection with all forms of energy fields. As you learn to adjust your energy levels, you will discover how to send energy to others and to yourself. It will be of paramount importance to fully understand the thoughts that you transmit, thoughts you send out to the universe.

There is always energy, which acts and reacts its all one and the same.

It is channelled outward from ourselves as ideas and impulses and returns becoming our fate, destiny as the result of the ideas manifestation

The energy, which is in us, is also found in nature and we attract it to ourselves and then assimilate it.


Vibration is movement that goes back and forward around a fixed point of reference. Vibrations produces wave lengths, waveforms. Examples are tuning forks and piano strings and musical instruments.

The Wisdom of Healing by David Simon

Primordial sounds are the vibrations of nature that structure the universe. They are the root sounds, of every language. We can hear these sounds in the songs of birds,

The rushing of the leaves in a tree…listening to primordial sounds restores our sense of connection to the whole and enlivens our inner healing energies.

Everything is vibrating. Even at the smallest level.

Explore sound waves for yourself .

Find references for sound waves that create shapes.

Read books about sound and vibration i.e.

In the name of the Gods by David Wilkinson

Cymatics by Hans Jenny

Discover that sound is not just for hearing but also for seeing

Snowflakes are sound frozen in time

Colours are sound made visible

Crop circles are sound in patterns


The rate at which something vibrates is called frequency. In electricity it is the measurable rate of electrical flow.

Everything has a frequency.

Dr Robert O. Becker in his book

The Body Electric establishes that the human body has an electrical frequency.

The ancient people of India and China wrote about these thousands of years ago

Every part of the human body has a unique frequency.

Even our breathing

Every disease

Substances of a higher frequency will destroy those of a lower frequency, and research shows that the essential oils such as frankincense have the highest frequencies of any natural substance known to man. These create an environment where disease bacteria and viruses cannot live.

Frankincense we know is mentioned in the Jesus story.

Another special oil spikenard used by Mary Magdalene to anoint the feet of Jesus.

The homeopathic model is based on the idea that water can hold information – it has a memory. So the model of dilution is incorrect – it is one of frequency.

Definition of frequency is as the rate at which things vibrate.

Everything is vibrating no-thing is ever still.

In perpetual motion as a spinning vortex every atom connects to everything in a never-ending cycle of life

Matter has more space than density it is a slowing down process of the highest vibrations to the lowest, we call it matter or material. It appears to be solid to us yet it is always moving and vibrating.

It is just being itself collapsing into form.

It appears that everything has a frequency it’s just a matter of whether we can measure it.

Hulda Clarke invented a zapper machine.

The machine sent electrical currents through wires attached to the hand, which destroyed diseases by blasting or zapping it with a higher frequency


The phenomena can most easily be seen in tuning forks and musical instruments.

What about, the resonance that takes place outside our own awareness?

The resonance of the Divine, the Creator is constant and permanent.

To experience Divine Energy through the medium of a dense physical body it must resonate with its immediate surroundings Therefore it must resonate with the earth and all other elements, and minerals we must also resonate at the state of desired consciousness

Resonance is the method by which we attract others and energy into our lives.

The Law of Attraction

There is but one law in the universe and that is the law of attraction. At the level of energy like attracts like and you cannot NOT attract. Your life and circumstances right now are the result of what you have attracted into your life. Its not so much be careful what you wish for but an awareness of the fact that your thoughts attract things to you whether you wish for them or not.

The Bible states, ‘ And whatsoever a man ask in prayer, he shall receive it, for if he has faith and believes, therefore he shall receive it ‘

‘ Whatever a man shall sow, so shall he reap ‘?

‘ Knock and the door shall open’ ‘ ask and it shall be given ‘ and ‘ seek and you shall find’

The Universe will eternally reward you with that which you claim is true of yourself. The Universe does not care what race you think you are or whether you are strong or weak, nor if you are rich or poor. It loves you that much that it will support your every belief and gives you more of that, so stop asking yourself whether you are worthy or unworthy to receive that which you deserve or desire.

What you deserve is what you ask for, what you desire you command. Do you get what you desired? Or deserved?

Like attracts like. What goes around comes around. On the wheel of fortune


The word Karma actually means "deed" or "act" and is related to the concept of action and reaction. This is summed up in the Bible with the phrase ‘As you sow, so ye shall reap,’ and in the everyday expression, ‘What goes around, comes around.’ This has been expanded in popular New Age beliefs to relate to the Law of Cause and Effect. Karma is often associated to reincarnation as Karma is also called the wheel of life. It presents the idea that in this life you pay for something you did wrong in a previous life. Reincarnation is associated with some religions but not all. Just so that no one is left out, for those that do not believe in Reincarnation, then there is Instant Karma. However, from a Buddhist perspective Karma is not about punishment and retribution, Karma is all that you are and ever have been. This is framed by your beliefs and expectations about the world and other people. Your worldview is going to determine not only what you attempt but also what you attract to you. From the Magical perspective that I am presenting, Karma can be thought of as a consequence of the principle of ‘Like attracts like.’

Only a Coincidence

John C. Lily explained it all when he outlined the concept of The Cosmic Control Centre that oversees the Earth Coincidence Control Office. Here is where all the coincidences and synchronicity.

Cosmic Love is absolutely Ruthless and Highly Indifferent it teaches its lessons whether you like/dislike them or not. In ones life there can be peculiarly appropriate chains of related events that lead to consequences that are strongly desired. After such experiences, one wonders how such a series of events developed; sometimes there is a strong feeling that some intelligence (greater than ours) directed the course along certain lines which It/He/She was/is programming. This programming originates from the Earth Coincidence Control Office (E.C.C.O)

The Sceptics Mantra

The purpose of a mantra is to drown out all other thought. The mantra that helps to maintain a sceptic mindset is as follows.

It’s only a coincidence

It’s only a coincidence

It’s only a coincidence

Also, I have my doubts about these sceptics. I mean if they were truly sceptical, rather than just cynical, they would have their doubts as well. However, we can learn something from them.

Not true sceptics or they would have doubts, rather than certainty about what is not possible. They are claiming in effect perfect knowledge.

Body- Mind and Brain

Now, when we speak about mind, body and spirit it is as if they are separate from one another, however it is when they function as a single unit that we become magical. Let us understand the aspects of each element in order to be able to develop them and then combine them.

This is how we have divided up the body, mind and brain into a structure for easier understanding. The different aspects and functions of the whole are presented here so that you can pay attention to individual functions. You can see where your time and attention is being placed as the starting point for personal awareness and development. The ultimate aim is to balance and integrate the different parts so that you function as a whole and that is where magic begins.

Holistically one being or being at-one holistically

At-one-ment is to be in-tune or at one with everything or aligned to all there is

Mind / Body

For many centuries since Descartes we have happily divided ourselves up into mind and body as if these were separate from one another. In eastern culture they do not have a ‘mind/body’ split and now we are discovering that mind and body seem to function together as a single unit. We have created new words like psychoneuro-immunolgy in order to compensate for the fact that we made the division in the first place.

So the following is just a way to think about the different aspects and functions of you. One way of thinking about different aspects of who we are is to divide up the body and mind into –

· The Four Bodies

· The Three Minds

The Four Bodies

Before we look at the four bodies let us consider the body as a whole system. We could actually think of these as the four elements as well. In terms of your physical self rather than the universe or planet earth.

· Physical body

· Mental body

· Emotional body

· Spiritual body

Physical Body

When we talk in terms of someone being very much in their Physical Body, what we mean is they are paying attention to physical sensations and reactions. They will often be keen on physical activities such as sports, dancing or martial arts. If someone devotes too much time to physical sensations they may become fitness fanatics, gym and adrenalin junkies. Or maybe over sexed.

Kinaesthetic description

Our physical body is more than just a vehicle for our brain. The energy system that circulates and emanates from our physical body receives and transmits information.

In terms of using our physical body to create more powerful and useful states here is what makes the physical element so important. When we incorporate physical actions along with the visualisations and energy work it makes the whole act congruent. Our whole body.

Also when we do something physical first it can then act as a reference for our imagination when we want to visualise something similar. Balance, breathing and physical movements. For example, if you are imagining bringing energy into yourself then make the physical actions fit the imagination.

Is our physical body designed to survive on this planet and governed by our brain and mind. Or is it just so our brain can experience the planet?

Mental Body

This is where we do our thinking analysing and reasoning. Our Mental Body is the home for our intellect. Someone who spends much of their time here, thinking, analysing and evaluating, will seem disconnected and distant. Typically the eccentric genius

We can consider our mental body to be made up of the pictures and sounds that we make in our heads and how we talk to ourselves on the inside. These combine to make up our thought processes such as decision-making, reasoning, memory and imagination. They are also the source of many of our limitations, problems, hang-ups and doubts. It is the structure of these internal images and sounds that act as the coding for our experiences. It is how we tell one sort of experience from another. It is also where we have our beliefs. There is much debate about the validity of various different beliefs, but very little discussion about what a belief actually is, and how it functions. At the highest level they are the boundaries of your world. They are an indication of what we have learned. We usually acquire our beliefs by accepting at face value what an authority figure such as our parents or teachers tell us first. Later our beliefs can be conclusions from our own experiences. However, beliefs are made up from the same elements as all our other thoughts. The pictures, sounds and internal dialogue we create inside our mind. What sets our beliefs apart from other thoughts is that we will do or not do certain things on the basis of them. Part of what we are doing in magic is creating a state of absolute certainty because one of the things that it does is to provoke action in the direction of our intention. Why are we always so certain about the things that don’t serve us? We already have the ability to create magic because certainty is one of the keys. It’s just that we are so often certain about things that aren’t useful. Sometimes even when we know they are not true.

Emotional Body

We are all emotionally intelligent. What will vary are our attacks of stupidity. Our emotional bodies are made up from our limbic system, nervous system and the chemicals that circulate in our bodies. Our emotions are useful and necessary communications from our body about what is happening to it. What are emotions? The word emotion is often changed to read ‘e-motion’ – ‘energy in motion.’ The actual origin of the word emotion means to ‘move out.’ It is just a label we attach to a variety of different functions, however we can define it. The way out is via water and electricity. You are going to scream it out or cry it out. The two great divine forces in basic terms water and electricity are combined to create the great exodus within. Someone who is ‘in their emotional body’ is usually very sensitive to others feelings and easily affected by outside events. How they feel is the most important or over-riding aspect of their lives.


"Emotion" is only a label, a convenient way of talking about aspects of the brain and its mind. Psychology textbooks often carve the mind up into functional pieces, such as perception, memory and emotion. These are useful for organising information into general areas of research but do not refer to real functions. The word "perception" describes in a general way what goes on in a number of specific neural systems – we see, hear, and smell the world with our visual, auditory, and olfactory systems.

The Emotional Brain PG 16
We could look at emotions as if they are two different sorts good and bad abundance and lack and love and fear.

What is the difference between emotions and feelings?

I am making a distinction here and this is my definition so that you can understand more clearly

Feelings are the result of our thinking and we have some conscious control over them. You hurt my feelings there is some sort of evaluation happening there perhaps. You hurt my emotions Just isn’t the same?

Spiritual Body

This is where we are concerned with a connection to a greater awareness. Can appear to be disconnected from reality.

There is an understanding that goes beyond words. It is experienced. It cannot be adequately described with words.

You’re true self the original self has been referred to by many names divine spark, spirit, essence, holy, and the light body. Every cell in your body is activated by light. These cells are like miniature batteries with north and south poles. Contained within each single cell is the light spectrum a mini rainbow. Light nourishment must be available to replenish the light frequencies for every cellular unit in the body

Enlightenment means to ‘light up ‘

Non-attachment. When you feel separate to the emotion as if it isn’t so personal

The dropping of the mind, not weighed down with any burdens. There are things to resolve and deal with but all in good time

Makes you light.

Enlighten means to light and that’s lighter in you from higher thoughts and feelings.

We say make light of it or heavily burden or weighed down with problems

Spirituality or living in the light is having an awareness of the spirit and living accordingly to ones best ability. No rush just a constant awareness of connectedness to the universe and your part in it.

Spiritual behaviour














Self- realization

The Three Minds

Here is how we can describe three different functions of the mind. The 3 minds of man or 3 states of consciousness are called –

· Conscious

· The Unconscious (Sub-conscious)

· Higher Self (Super-Conscious)

Conscious which is thinking, analysing making decisions and the sub-conscious, or unconscious believes what you tell it, understands in symbols and super-conscious that which is the Holy Spirit, Holy Guardian Angel, High Self. You can only communicate to the super-conscious though the sub-conscious. There is no direct access from the conscious mind to the high self. The mind gets in the way.


Conscious comes from con (with) -scious (knowledge, knowing). It is also the same route as the word conscience.

What we are aware of right now. Logic reasoning.

Conscious is the ‘objective’ ‘I see- I hear- I smell- I touch’ it is the force governing the 5 senses. Controls all of your voluntary functions and motions. The part of the mind that you think and reason with. It controls, to a great extent all your voluntary muscles. It also discriminates between what is right or wrong. Most importantly it is the centre of your thoughts on want it is that you want.

We are supposed to only be able to focus on or deal with 7 plus or minus 2 chunks of information. This may have been a bit optimistic. Long complicated stuff gets the conscious mind out of the way to quieten the internal chatter. This is the goal of hypnosis, chanting and meditation.

This is where we introspection. That which was not accessible by ordinary introspection was called the unconscious.

The Unconscious (Sub-conscious)

So far scientists have yet to discover any part of the part of the brain that they can call The Unconscious. The closest they have come is to attribute some of its functions to the right hemisphere and we’ll get to the left/right divide in the next section.

The Unconscious is also referred to as The Sub-conscious. Which has come to be taken as beneath the conscious mind, hence the metaphor of depth and going under, plus the tendency to draw diagrams with the subconscious beneath the conscious. Subconscious actually originally meant "not wholly aware," that which is beyond awareness or not fully apparent.

The Unconscious mind is a term used by psychoanalysts, sub-conscious is not because there is some disagreement between the functions of The Unconscious and the Subconscious. In the field of personal development they tend to be used interchangeably.

If the conscious mind is that which we are aware of then the unconscious is that which we are unaware. It doesn’t mean however that we cannot become aware. In fact, bringing unconscious processes into awareness and asking better questions of them and their function can help to move us forward.

A populate notion is of learning relates to four stages of awareness.

From unconscious incompetence, when you don’t know that you don’t know; conscious incompetence, where you do know that you don’t know; conscious competence, where you do know that you know; unconscious competence.

The Unconscious is competent. Period. Your Unconscious keeps you breathing while you are asleep.

Everything else. Some of which can be easily brought into awareness others are much more hidden etc. think of breathing under control etc.

The sub-conscious mind is the creative faculty within us and creates whatever the conscious and impresses upon it. The conscious mind is the vehicle of the intellect impresses its ideas and thoughts upon it, which are the expression of belief. Thus the creation of the sub-conscious is the manifestation of our beliefs.

Beliefs and values.

Sub-conscious is the ‘subjective’, which occupies the entire body, and keeps everything running perfectly so that you don’t have to ‘think’ to breath. It has unlimited power & controls all of the silent and involuntary functions. Blood circulation all secretions and waste plus all cell changes. It heals, repairs and keeping you in good health. It is the ‘vital ‘ link between body-mind and creator. Known as the seat of all memory, every thought or impression is registered and recorded here. Sub- conscious mind takes onboard all what you tell it as ‘fact’ It is the doorway to the Super-Conscious the power it has is ‘unlimited ‘

Because the subconscious mind is the creative faculty within us and creates whatever the conscious mind requires; the conscious mind therefore is the vehicle of the intellect; it sets the template of belief upon it and therefore is the expression of your belief. So the creation of the subconscious self is the manifestation of our beliefs. If you believe that you can create abundance in your life, you are purely creating a template that will crystallise the thought forms to materialise in your world in your reality. If you pay attention to what you don’t have, if you pay attention to lack, to having you create a template to crystallise that and bring into your reality less When you can understand the simplicity of this, it takes a process of perhaps a few weeks to de-programme yourself, de-fragment the old belief system, the old patterns of thought and recreate the new ones And you have the ability to do that. It isn’t outside of you, it is inside of you, and it is you attracting the right thoughts to create a more powerful, more meaningful belief system that you are the creator of your experience. It is you and when you begin to deliberately communicate with your HGA you will understand all those wonderful expressions, which were used in the Bible. For instance in Psalm 82, verse 6 "Ye are Gods" as the literal truth of mans condition.

The Higher Self (Super-conscious)

Super -Conscious The Divine Self or Universal Mind.

It is omnipotent and totally ‘ unlimited’ the creative force within. It receives information from your sub-conscious mind concerning your desires and can attain and fulfil anything for you. It is there to create and do your will. All things are possible if you believe in your Divine Self it only asks of you to have absolute faith .The need for desire is the power behind all action. The ultimate power from which all things precede .It will make known the unknown.

Higher Conscious / Super Conscious

There is no direct link between the conscious and the super-conscious. Which is why it makes more sense to place the subconscious between the conscious and super conscious. The only way to access the super conscious is through the subconscious. It is possible to activate the super conscious when the conscious and the unconscious come together.

The Collective Unconscious

When Carl Jung spoke about the Higher Self he used a term more acceptable to the psychologists and psychiatrists he was presenting his ideas to. He also spoke about the collective unconscious was defined by psychologist Carl Jung as the part of the unconscious that is common to everyone.

Carl Jung created the idea of a "Collective Unconscious" and synchronicity meaningful coincidences.

The Extended Mind

The biologist and author Rupert Sheldrake believes that our mind actually extends beyond the brain. This seems to be an extension of a common phenomena experienced by amputees. Doctors were puzzled by some of the complaints that people who had limbs amputated came to them with. The mind actually extends beyond the brain. See phantom limb experiences and Rupert Sheldrake

A sense of being stared at?

You are because we are equipped with 360-degree vision in the world of spirit an unlimited view of everything all of the time. Thoughts are in the ‘ ethereal ‘ phantom energy and you are being monitored 24 hrs a day by the universal consciousness that resides there. It’s not those scary physical eyes you need worry about. You are never alone your being observed by higher beings. Your natural senses are always outside of you and connect through feelings or sensation. So, if you begin to feel you are being watched or observed you probably are.

If you get a sensation that there is someone following you it is conscious energy taking an interest in you as an energetic being not you, John or Mary. It does not have a body to reside in and just curiously investigating possibilities of incarnating as a human or maybe not. Get used to the natural state of the universe and it will respond to you kindly. It is abundantly rich and full with every conceivable thought; you will get exactly what it is you think. You’ll get out what you put in.

Your Brain

The brain is the organ with which we think we think. This chapter describes the physical attributes of the brain Physical characteristic Weight size, number of neurons etc interesting stuff. We have more than one brain, the solar plexus.

I read an article a few years ago and it is said that the 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet are the same patterns formed by the phospherene flares that are fired off in the brain every time you have a thought. Mind blowing don’t you agree?

My thoughts are that this is the origin of ‘ light language’ and that we arrive on earth with it already installed in our computer. The Brain

Free Software to get you started.


Neurons that fire together, wire together. Creating pathways of neurons in the mind. How do we use this? By doing something that creates new connections between the neurons. It’s not the number of neurons but the amount of connections between them.


Experiments on the brain have involved Anatomy of the brain and then some specific organs within it and their function in relation to spiritual practice. What chemicals are released, certain chemicals are released that cause certain emotions etc. this chemistry extends beyond the physical brain and flows through out the body read Candice Pert molecules of emotions. These chemicals are released into our aura via breath, sweat and tears


Investigating the brain has often been conducted by studying people who have had traumas to their brains and are now not able to perform certain functions. At a basic level.

Left Brain / Right Brain

Here is a way to easily divide the brain based on its anatomy. The brain is divided physically down the central axis. The two halves connected by a bundle of nerves called the Corpus Callosum. Damage to the brain sides. People with damage to the right side can remain positive and unmoved by their circumstances. Left side damaged can be very miserable.

Each half has been assigned a certain role, with the left side being called logical and the right side creative. As convenient as this might be it is over simplistic and the function of the brain is more holistic. However let’s take a look at how these two halves have been assigned their different roles. Nothing about the brain is quite so straightforward. Ultimately it is how the brain works as a whole that counts. Some people have decided that since the right brain is the source of our creativity etc, that it is the unconscious. Again this is just another way of talking about it.

Left Brain

Uses logic

detail oriented

facts rule

words and language

present and past

math and science

can comprehend



order/pattern perception

knows object name

reality based

forms strategies




Right Brain

Uses feeling

"big picture" oriented

imagination rules

symbols and images

present and future

philosophy & religion

can "get it" (i.e. meaning)

believes appreciates

spatial perception

knows object function

fantasy based

presents possibilities


risk taking


The idea of using some physical exercises and movements to get both sides of the brain working together is an ancient one

The oldest way known to bring together the two sides of the brain is to dance. We need only look at the American Indians, there are many sacred dances still used today. The labyrinth walk is another great way to get both sides of the brain coordinating. Add a chant and you are in the perfect state to communicate with your higher self.

An ancient method of bringing the two hemispheres of the brain together is embedded very deeply into our unconscious mind. Focusing on movements and adding singing or chanting create the perfect state for communication to the higher self to proceed. A more modern approach is to cross hands in front of your face and with 2 fingers of each hand press firmly between the hairline and eyebrows for a few moments. In doing this you will this you simply freshen up the circuits of the neuro vascular system. Giving the brain a boost or energy surge.

The Triune Brain

Paul D. MacLean described the brain as having three distinct areas and functions.

This is where the brain is divided into three –

· The reptilian

· Mammalian

· The neo-cortex


This the oldest part that is physically located at the base of the skull and responsible for reactions, rituals etc. survival behaviour.

Mammalian (The Limbic System)

The source of the emotions

The limbic system

Responsible for keeping the body’s internal systems running

Also moods, emotions, survival drives etc

A ring shaped collection of structures


Also known as the cerebral cortex control thinking skills, reasoning and speech. And problems.

Parts of the Brain

This is not an attempt to describe all the organs of the brain in detail but to make you aware of some of the current knowledge as it relates to the practice of magic. Basic description of various parts of the brain and their function in relation to what we are teaching. For example

· Amygdala

· Pineal Gland – The Third Eye

· Hippocampus –

· Thalamus

· Hypothalamus –

· Pituitary Gland

· Right Temporal Lobe

· Cerebrum

· Cerebellum

· Brain Stem Medulla Oblongata


Can be triggered off by strong smells and creates a click

Good smell it clicks forward. Bad smell it clicks back.

Responsible for generating negative emotions such anger fear sadness and guilt. Focussing on a non-emotional mental task

Focussing on a mental task that has no emotional content inhibits the function of the Amygdala

Pineal Gland

It is shaped like a tiny pinecone and is often shown in symbols as a flame or a pinecone. Also known as the third eye. It is the ‘ light ‘ receiver or receiver of light messages called photons in scientific terms to days modern angels of light or in truth angles of light waves entering the pineal gland. In simple terms thoughts of the highest nature transmitted from Heaven to Earth

Mans internal ‘ lighthouse ‘

The third eye is usually represented as an eye painted on the forehead between our normal eyes.

Responsible for secreting melatonin. An endocrine organ found in the brain. In some animals, it seems to serve as a light-influenced biological clock.

The Pineal gland’s role is to be a gatekeeper. It simply senses the information received from the Crown chakra, and then passes it directly to the Cerebellum in the form of nerve impulses.


Hippocampus is shaped like a small horse, hence the name (hippo is Greek for horse). It is the seat of …


A pair of connecting lobes to the lower part of Cerebral hemispheres.

They are associated to the sensory input of the five senses that operate at a conscious level of awareness.

If the ears hear sounds then we are conscious of hearing them

Or if we eat chocolate or candies we are conscious of the sweetness


The seat of the emotions

Includes a very extensive neuro-network or head-ganglion of the autonomic nervous system

All of the sensory nerves from the Endocrine-sensory glands connect to the Hypothalamus

Pituitary Gland

An endocrine organ closely linked with the hypothalamus. In humans, it is composed of two lobes and secretes a number of hormones that regulate the activity of other endocrine organs in the body.

Right Temporal lobe as the seat of God

See the right temporal lobe and associated limbic lobe structures as the biological interface with an interconnected universe, by Melvin Morse


2 hemispheres or left and right brain

It has 4 primary lobes, which correspond to the structure of the skull

Frontal Lobe upper part of the front

Parietal Lobe upper back

Occipital Lobe lowers back

Temporal Lobe along the sides of the head

Within each lobe are various cortexes which large numbers of nerve fibres are terminated. These cortex areas serve as communication units to the 2 hemispheres of the Cerebrum

The Bible has a name for the cerebrum it is ‘ Cherubim ‘ interesting isn’t it?


It is about the size of a fist it is rather like a high-speed data link

Medulla oblongata

This sounds amazing before we start.

It is.

There are 72,000 nerve endings that extend from the medulla oblongata, which lies at the top of the spinal column

Vibrations resonate up the spine to be met by the great electrical circuitry of the nerves where certain chemicals are released

Just out of interest in Revelations in the Bible it mentions the 144.000 lights, which some people choose to call ‘light workers’.

They get it completely wrong when they associate the ‘light workers’ to spiritual people. My belief is 72,000 for the physical and 72,000 for the ethereal body

Brainwave Frequencies

Basic description of brainwaves and what states they relate to.

Alpha, Delta, Beta and Theta. Describe what each state is thought to relate to. Healing states are the ability to have two or three states of consciousness all running at the same time.

· Alpha

· Delta

· Beta

· Theta


7-13 hertz (cycles per second)

Restful relaxing state


1.5-5 hertz

The sleeping state


13-30 hertz

The waking state


4-7 hertz

Deep state of relaxation

Chakra Colour Zone Hertz

Red 640-800 Hz

Orange 600-740 Hz

Yellow 400-600 Hz

Green 240-400 Hz

Blue 199-240 Hz plus 800Hz

Purple 900 Hz

White 100-1,000 Hz (contains all colours)

The Body’s Energy Systems

There are many descriptions of how our vital force circulates and relates to itself in the body. For the purpose of this book and what you are learning here I am going to refer to 3 systems and they are as follows –

· Aura – your energy field

· Chakra – energy centres

· Meridians – lines of energy flow

Aura – Your Energy Field

An aura is the energy field that glows around an object like a corona around the sun or moon.

It is partly caused by the electro-magnetic field that permeates the physical body and the signals projected from the DNA

These are electrical in nature and when you add the element of water or vapour thin water to the equation you can see the aura

Perspiration and heat created from the physical body becomes trapped in the energetic electro-magnetic field and cause a phenomenon to occur

In principle the same as a rainbow

Electricity and water creating vibrations that become visible through the spectrum of light called colour

What ever is going on inside of you will be visible via the aura

How you think and feel and perceive the world

Also any blocked energy that may cause disease

What common versions of an aura do we have?

Corona around the sun and moon

People often refer to someone’s aura. The mini-atmosphere that surrounds us this is an electro-magnetic field that is shown as oval shaped in the books on the subject. A cocoon of energy layers.

A subtle energy field that permeates and surrounds every living thing. Your energy can be compressed or contracted by feeling that everything is coming at you; you are not in control, or on the receiving end. Think of the posture associated with someone who is depressed etc.

When you feel at cause, in control your energy expands. Your posture changes as a result. Your thoughts, imagination and posture. Internal chemicals. etc. Smile.

What they look like to many people is similar to a number of everyday phenomena. For example, on very hot days if you are driving along a straight road the heat and moisture rising from the road ahead causes it to shimmer. This is similar to the mirage that people see in the deserts.

Atmosphere the atmos-sphere could mean a Vapour – Ball

Seeing Auras

Seeing auras, whatever ‘seeing’ may mean, is a question of being in the right state and having the appropriate visual focus. Sensing auras is a better description. There are people who can hear colour.

A vibration can be seen, heard and felt.

The crystal ball of the psychic can perform a magnifying function. By focussing on the crystal ball in front of the client the reader is more easily able to use their peripheral vision to look at the client’s aura.

Your aura is a small atmosphere also and is full of information.

All information reaches us via water or electricity therefore be aware of your thoughts and feelings all of the time with every breath you exhale you transmit messages into the ether.

They are sent out into the entire universe. The intricate system of your energy zones that interconnect you to the greater energy fields are electrical in nature and again are transmitting and receiving information 24hrs a day.

Can you see now just how powerful you really are? Good!

A simple first step in seeing auras is to look at the fingers of your hand when they are spread open, concentrate on the gap between the fingers. Shake your hand a little and draw it back towards your body at the solar plexus level (where the rib cage meets)

Chakras – Energy Centres

A chakra is an energy centre that relates to the body’s energy system on a physical and metaphysical level. States of consciousness.

The word Chakra comes from Sanskrit and means "wheel" referring to the way energy is said to move in circles. The chakras lie along the centre line of the human body.

These are often shown as a series of coloured circles that lie along the midline of a person’s body.

Within the aura you may notice areas of movement or shimmering over particular parts of the body. These are the chakras, I call them zones and the Bible mentions the 7 seals. This appears to be related to the endocrine system.

The importance of the 7 archangels are the 7 colour zones that we resonate with in the spectrum of light, the rainbow in other words .The Bible has such a wonderful way of telling us about the aura and the zones. Joseph and his coat of many colours, the rainbow in the sky after the flood and many more references. To me they are 7 arc angles of light as seen in the rainbow.

The 7 arcs’ or the 7 arches’ are angles in science or angels in the Bible. It matters not they are beautiful and Gods creation. They are 7 states of awareness or consciousness; of colour and vibration they are very real.

In some sacred books they were called the 7 rays

The concept is far more acceptable than the heavy feathered wings on the back of a squeaky clean half man half woman scenario drawn up as a representation of a spirit or light being. Spirit being, Celestial being, they don’t have material bodies.

Why would they want them? They are inter-dimensional light beings, highly evolved consciousness moving through time and space at the speed of light. Light waves.

There are many zones throughout the body some say 60 + others say less in the truth we are not 100% sure exactly how many but we do know for sure the main 7

The importance of the zones are referred to as the’ seals’ in The Book of Revelations also that the Orphanim or Auphanhim are the Bibles description of the ‘spinning wheels of energy or light’

The main seven without the associated Sanskrit names, which is unnecessary to mention as I refer to them as zones, a more modern view of these energy centres

· 1st Root or Base

· 2nd Sacral

· 3rd Solar Plexus

· 4th Heart

· 5th Throat

· 6th Brow or Third Eye

· 7th Crown

Root or Base Chakra

Physically located at the base of your spine. This zone is associated with the adrenal glands, and our physical and survival needs. This is where you can imagine your own energy connecting with the physical earth through a bolt of red etc.

Energy rising from the earths magnetic field red in vibration and colour the slowest

Don’t forget sexy clothes are usually red?

Sacral Chakra

This is located just below the naval and is your physical centre of gravity. In Japanese it is known as ‘hara’ (belly) and is what they are referring to when the Samurai perform hara-kiri as part of their ritual suicide. In Chinese its called tan tien pronounced dan dien,

The centre where earth meets water and duality begins

2nd Emotional Balance and Sexuality

2nd Ovaries and Testes

The masculine and feminine energies meet

Sexual energies and the sexual organs

Creative centre

This vibration is orange

Solar Plexus Chakra

The solar plexus is a massive bundle of nerves that congregates in the middle of the body. Plexus means a LOT of nerves and solar relates to the sun, so it is like an energy centre with nerves radiating out from it.

This is where you pick up emotional states of other people. Some say the solar plexus is the second brain because it receives electrical impulses and distributes it via the nervous system.

This energy of fire or electric is the place where you feel emotions such as nervous tummy or butterflies when anxious. Confidence and self-esteem and the power to overcome childish behaviour

This vibration is yellow

Heard the saying yellow belly?

Or a sickly yellow when you have a stomach upset

Your second brain

Many people believed in ancient times that the stomach was the seat of the emotions.

3rd Personal Power and Self Will

3rd Pancreas

Heart Chakra

The system entrains to the strongest beat this is where the strongest electrical current in the body exists. Heart zone needs lots of work before moving on to the third eye zone for higher knowledge and work. Our heart is not just an organ that pumps blood around our body it is much more than that.

It’s an energy centre that allows us to give expression to our e-motions or energy

In motion, emotions are the consequence of the feelings and inner-sensations.

When your heart is open to how you feel about yourself, you have confidence and self esteem you will attract a partner to you. Like attracts like

In the heart zone we learn compassion for ourselves and compassionate action for others.

Immune system

This vibration is green

4th Love Compassion and Relationships

4th Thymus

Throat Chakra

Thymus gland. Tapping the chest. Stimulating the thymus is an exercise practiced for thousands of years. Remember Tarzan? The Arabs do it very openly thumping the chest to activate hormones in the body to power themselves up.

Throat zone is about being able to communicate with others and feeling free to speak your truth. To mean what you say and to say what you mean. Not having to lie or change the truth to suit someone else’s belief. Also chant and sing and allow the voice of God to penetrate the universe, and freedom of speech.

This vibration is light blue some say turquoise

It is said that turquoise is the colour of Gods own expression.

That’s interesting, the 5th element is the Holy Ghost or the Quintessence or the Ether some have called it, and you can communicate without it.

It is a substance latent in all things, the phantom energy and is 90% of all existence

Communication, growth and Self Expression

5th Thyroid and Parathyroid

5th Communication

Brow or Third Eye Chakra

Pineal gland this is located in the frontal part of brain between the eyes and also known as the third eye. This is the gland that is associated with spiritual communication. Shaped like a tiny pinecone or violet flame. The whole of this zone covers the eyes; ears, nose and mouth there are seven openings here that represent the totality of the Godhead seven vibrations gathered in the one temple. Communicate with the divine in the temple of man, not in a building

Pineal gland is the light sensitive gland controlling sleep and awakening.

Each side of the head we have a temple in the centre is the light of the Holy of Holies the place where God dwells in us.

Acts 7:48 ‘ the most high dwells in temples not made by hands ‘

The third eye the place where Jesus tells us to watch. Jacob mentions that he came face to face with God but he called it Peniel the meaning is the same.

Close your eyes for a few moments and put just a little pressure on your eyelids the colour indigo or violet will appear in your mind

How can we communicate with God? Be still in the mind and allow God to enter the temple? The tabernacle in the Bible is your head a wonderful place where your brain lives. And the Cherubim is the Cerebrum part of your brain.

This zone is about seeing, hearing and speaking or singing.

Not just to the outside world, more importantly the inner world.

This zone vibrates at the colour of indigo blue / violet.

6th Intuition and Wisdom

6th Pineal

Crown Chakra

The top of the head

Each side of the head are the temples

These are the true temples of the ‘ church ‘

The crown of thorns that Jesus had upon his head draws attention to the crown energy centre, and symbolized by the jewelled crown worn by kings and queens.

The crown chakra is considered to be the master chakra that controls all others. It is associated with the pituitary gland and this is the master gland of the endocrine system. Energy from the cosmos moves into the crown zone, swirls around and enters the mind and the pineal gland. It is processing thoughts and creating the electricity to run all our internal motors on.

Be-coming one, at-one or whole is the destiny of all things.

Be-coming at-one is to understand the ultimate connectedness of love, the love of creation and that which it serves unconditionally

Unconditional love for no other reason but love itself.

It is the greatest conditioning that makes us false and selfish, when we misunderstand its truest meaning. Freely given, and therefore should not be restricted, restrained, misunderstood or abused

The most precious gift is love, the very essence of our divinity

The soul posses this great power called love, which is the assimilation of the one. The one living force within the soul is the very creation of life itself. Divine power hidden within the body of man. This eternal soul that we aspire to is the internal and the eternal light. A light that shines in the intelligent mind visible through the window of the soul, the eyes. The soul will gaze upon the realities of our own making, it is observing the experience of life, and recording each moment as a witness. Let me tell you that your conscience is your observer; your observer is your witness and you’re Holy Guardian Angel. Jesus said ‘ I am dying so that you will remember your observer ………The observer lives in you and is watching you ‘

The souls language is love, and within the matrix of the language lays all possibility of truth. Whereas the language of the intellect has the ability for deception, every spoken word creates endless possibilities, and nothing existing without cause. The unawareness of cause can easily contribute to mans lack of understanding his ills.

Everything is intention; the souls intention is to remind us of who we really are and why we are here having this human living experience

Yes a human being

Hu is an ancient word for God; man is manifest, or made.

Indeed we are God-made-man

7th Spirituality and Self Realization the Soul Awakening.

Resonance with the Universe

Everything is connected to everything in a very Magical Universe.