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Choose how you want to be Ordained (more than one is okay)
____ Spiritual Minister
____ Interfaith Minister
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____ Esoteric Minister
Other Title (Please describe) ___________________________________
You may choose more than one title from the above list for an additional
$20 fee. (Separate certificates.)
Please enter your name exactly as you want it to appear on your
Ordination Certificate:
(Most people include their middle name.)_____________________________________________________________

Why do you wish to become a counselor/minister?

Any experience as a counselor (including informal, with
family or friends?)

Do you pledge to use your Counselor/Minister Status for
the Service of Humanity?

Please tell us in one or two paragraphs how becoming ordained
will help you in your current work.

The following questions are somewhat optional, but
we encourage you to answer them because they help us build a picture
of you and what has made you the person you are. Souls appear and re-appear
in “families” or “soul groups”. They often follow family bloodlines,
you ARE your ancestors. Past lives are sometimes hard to believe in,
but genetic memory is very real. The things you are drawn to in life,
flashbacks, and deja vu are your genetic memory nagging you. We can
better help you get where you’re going if we have a complete profile
of you and your ancestral background.

What religion  were you raised on?

Do you still practice its ways?  ____  Fully
____ Somewhat     ____ Seldom      ___

How does your immediate family feel about your chosen spiritual
path?  Opposition?  Approval?

Please check any of the following areas you have studied
or “dabbled” in:

__Esoteric Christianity
__Wicca or Earthbased Trads
__Ceremonial Magick
__Apocalyptic/ Prophecy studies
__Other areas of study not listed above:

Please list the subjects above that you are most interested
in learning MORE about:

Your Occupation:

Your skills:

Hobbies, etc:

How did you hear about us? Check all that

__In a book
__Link from TheDreamZone.com
__Friend, Colleague, Family Member
__Discussion List or Forum
__Link from any other website (which one?)_________________________
__Search Engine Query
__Katia’s Esoteric Christianity Blog
__Any other source: (please explain)

Please check the box next to the items you are ordering.

__The Ordination fee is $156 (includes Priority Mail shipping)
__A Second Ordination Title is $20
__Wallet ID credentials are available for $10.
__Photo Badge ID — $15(please send a passport style
picture, by snail-mail or by email attachment)

__Beautiful white hardback Interfaith Minister’s Manual  We have
them available immediately (they take 4-6 weeks from Amazon). It includes
ceremonies and rituals from strict Catholic to Native American. The
cost is $31, which includes Priority Mail shipping.

__Check this box only if you want Rush shipping.  Cost
varies, depending on where you are.

Payment Methods  (please put an X next
to your desired method)

___Discover  (We accept checks and credit cards via PayPal

___Check or Money Order made payable to Esoteric Interfaith Church, Inc.

Did you submit your Spiritual Biography to Seminary@NorthernWay.org?

 If no, please do so after finishing this application,
or include it with this application via email.

Your application will be reviewed and you will be notified
immediately upon acceptance.