Religious Ph.D. Tuition Payment Plan Option for PhD in Religion, PhD in Religious Studies, PhD in Metaphysics, PhD in Spiritual Counseling, Pastoral Counseling

Tuition is due in the amount of $890.00. That is a one-time only fee which covers registration, application fee, wallet card. We charge no annual renewal fees or membership fees, so the $890 is good for your lifetime.

The Seminary offers a payment plan for those who cannot pay the $890 tuition up front.
After filling out the online PhD application, instead of submitting $890, you send in only half the tuition, which is $445. There is a special downpayment Half-Tuition button at the very bottom of the tuition payment page.
After filling out the online PhD application you will be directly transfered to the PayPal payment page. Just scroll down to the very bottom and choose the Half-Tuition button.

Then send $100 to $200 per month thereafter as you can afford until the remaining balance is paid.

After you make your tuition downpayment, we send your diploma and PhD wallet card to you right away (upon your completion of the application and submission of your thesis paper). Your Certificate of Ordination is shipped at the same time. Then you make your monthly payments. The only thing not available until after the tuition balance is paid in full is transcript service.