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Allat aka Sheba

Allat & Mecca

This is Allah’s wife, her name is AL-LAT. She was worshipped at Mecca for 2000 years before Islam.  The famous Muslim pilgrimage spot in Mecca was originally her shrine. Allat’s name means simply “the Goddess,” just as Allah means, “the God.” The T ending is feminine. 
Allah and Allat were depicted standing together with a star and crescent moon over them.  Allah was a moon god and she was the “star”, Venus.
Islamic nations still use that star and crescent in their flags.
Another obvious, but vehemently denied, symbol of the sacred marriage.

Allat is probably going to be the last wife of God to take off her veils.

Islam is not really open to Allah having a partner, even though history and archaeology prove that he does…

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