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Isis Priestess Statue

Isis knot Magdalene

The Priestesses of Isis carried alabaster jars. Here’s one now on the left with her jar.
On the right is Magdalene wearing a special priestess knot around her waist.  It’s called Knot of Isis and was only worn by her priestesses.
Magdalene, like Mary is so often connected to Isis.

The Madonna and Child with St. John the Baptist and Mary Magdalen
by CIMA da Conegliano 1510-15 Wood, 167 x 110 cm
Musée du Louvre, Paris –
Thanks to Jennifer Emick of’s alternative religions blog who writes: “A priestess of Isis with her sistrum and funeral unguent. An otherwise ordinary painting depicts Mary Magdalen wearing the Girdle of Isis. Note the use of the same knot by the priestess above.”

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