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Rachel with Jar

Here’s Rachel, Judaism’s Blessed Mother carrying her jar.
Jars, chalices, grails. Goddesses and women were the vessels of life.
Rachel is like Mary, an intercessor goddess called Mother.  Mother Rachel, who died on the road to Bethlehem having her baby boy. Rachel’s tomb is just outside Bethlehem along the road and is really a goddess shrine, a little temple to her. Jews pray to her like Christians do to Mary and magical red strings are “charged up” in her tomb then worn around the left wrist. Madonna and the Kabbalah Centre didn’t make that up, it’s an ancient tradition, like the rosary, for protection against the evil eye, and devotion to a sacred feminine intercessor.  The red strings are called Rachel’s String; the wearer wraps the string around the left wrist seven times.

Judaism gave Rachel to the people as a replacement for the Goddess they took away. Just like the original Christian Pagans were given Mary to replace their beloved Isis and Diana.  Mary’s temples – or cathedrals – are all over Europe on the spots the goddess was originally worshipped.  They aren’t Jesus or God cathedrals they are huge Mother Goddess temples.  Yet officially, mother goddess was demoted to mortal women such as Mary and Rachel.


Rachel with Jar

Don’t know whose artwork this is.  It appears to be a very old photograph of a painting.  Found it here: http://www.joyceimages.com/browse.php?chapter=5 in April 2007

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