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Sophia by Thalia Took


Mary's Coronation by Charonton


Damsel of the Holy Grail

Now.  Think about God-the-Mother, about Sophia, Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene.   Are they divine GODdesses?
Some people have a very hard time deciding in their hearts whether they believe these figures are just as fully divine as the male gods we’ve all been trained to worship.
It’s hard.  I sure have struggled with this.

Margaret Starbird points out that making Magdalene an Apostle, an early Christian teacher, or even the greatest apostle of all – is good, it’s progress, but it just isn’t enough. 
It’s like saying, okay, women can do the work, they can mop the floors in the church, they can be companions, teachers and even bishops, but divinity remains an exclusive all male clique. Believing Yeshua and Mary Magdalene had a very special “friendship,” just ain’t gonna cut it. 

And the very title God-the-Father logically requires a God-the-Mother counterpart, because how can a father become a father without a mother partner to help him?  Thank you very much. 
The feminine Divine is not an effeminate male cherub, not a building called “the Church”, not the wispy mental concept “wisdom”.  She is real.  And she is near. In a minute I’m gonna play my musical slide show to the song, She is Near.**

card by Thalia Took, see; used by permission.    Mary’s Coronation, detail (by Charonton, Enguerrand; 1454)  in the middle, and Damsel of the Holy Grail on the right (by unknown artist)

**The musical slide show is still being converted to an online format.

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