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Veiled Mother of the World

You can throw out the archaic verb “worship” if it makes you uncomfortable.
You can honor the female Divine.
Revere her. Venerate her.

OR.  How about taking it one step deeperAwaken to her!
Actualize her!
Just let the divine feminine HAPPEN in your life.
Bring her out, let her out. 
How would she live YOUR life thru YOU.
If you were HER right this minute sitting there, how would she work and live thru you?  Would she drop the veils that figuratively obscure her, and quietly but powerfully begin to do her work…
Remember she is subtle, not obvious.  She is the power of the throne.
She IS the Kingdom, or Queendom.
She is the one who dwells within…she exists in all matter…
So you’ve got her in you, like it or not.
Question is, how you gonna actualize her…

Veiled Mother of the World; Roerich

by Nicholas Roerich

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