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The bottom line is…We want a revised Christianity, a gender balanced Christianity

Just by gathering here we are making that happen.

We can finally meet when we wanna meet, do the rituals and meditations we wanna do – not what the old entrenched Church, mosque & synagogue authorities tell us to do.  Women’s Spirituality Circles are being created everywhere, hopefully one is in your town.  If not, start one.  It’s your destiny. 
If enough of us get such groups together, we will create a critical mass, that will leap us into a new mindset for the whole country, for all of western culture and maybe the rest of the planet.

You and I, just by discussing this stuff are on the forefront of a profound growing movement.  A healing of the nations.
And it’s big.  And it’s true.
That’s why it makes the establishment very uncomfortable.
We can revise our spiritual system into one that doesn’t ignore half of reality, half of creation,
that understands we have two equal and CO-working cosmic forces, masculine and feminine.

Jesus, Mary Magdalene by Frank Thomas
“Jesus and the Magdalene”
By Frank Thomas,, Evening in Nazareth.
I have this painting and love it.

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