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Uzza Allat Menat


goddesses of pre-Islam

The Satanic Verses, a work of fiction, is about the three Goddesses
listed in these verses, especially Allat, and how she is way ticked off at
Mohammed for removing her from Islam, for demonizing her from beloved Mother
Goddess and Allah’s wife into satan-spawn. Allat is not a happy goddess in
Salmon Rushdie’s bestseller. To this day, he is forced to live in hiding
because they will kill him, even though he is a Muslim. He’s a goddess
Muslim. I am glad goddess Christians don’t have prices on our heads. Satanic
– like DaVinci Code – used a novel to tell the story of a suppressed
goddess. The control-freak woman-hating clerics want him killed for telling
her story. That’s herstory, not history.

The Arabic Goddesses whose names are right in the Koran are: Uzza (meaning
Power) al-Lat (Goddess), and Menat (meaning Destiny or Fate). The Arabians
have a triple goddess. This feminine divine trinity was worshipped at Mecca.

We already met Allat, the one in the middle there. Notice her sheaf of grain.
She is a golden grain goddess like other Mediterranean Goddesses and liked
having grain cakes baked for her.

On the left is Uzza whose name means Power. Think Uzzi machinegun made in
Israel, Uzzi also means “powerful”.

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