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Key and Lock
Sacred Marriage Symbols
Cross X and Y
Yin Yang
Tablet and Pen
Star of David
Squared Circle
Star and Crescent
Pair of Fish

So the Sufi’s use coded symbols — they make her: tablet, Allah: pen – which then “mate.” Or he’s a key, she’s a lock….
See the red rectangle, it’s from a Sufi prayer book and it means the key in the lock. Pen on tablet, key in lock – more symbols for the sacred marriage.
The fishes is a Christian sacred marriage symbol, as is the equal-bar cross, called the Greek cross. The upright bar of the cross was the masculine and the horizontal was the feminine — the sacred marriage. That was a very pagan symbol and it became a Christian symbol but when the bars are equal its not really talking about the crucifixion. It’s the marriage of feminine and masculine, yes, but also of divine and human. It’s a very ancient symbol, the equal-bar cross.

The squaring of the circle is from ancient Greek sacred geometry and philosophy.  It is the Pythagoreans’ symbol of the sacred marriage.  Squaring the circle. You know the Yin Yang and how that means the masculine and feminine ‘merger’.  And the Star of David, a sacred marriage glyph that is very sexually symbolic, as we’ll see in another slide.

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