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In several cases both Eloah and El are mentioned in the same verse together as clearly separate beings.

“I would seek unto El, but unto Eloah I would commit my case.” (Job 5:8) And “I swear by the living El who denies me justice, and by Shaddai who has filled me with bitterness.” (Job 27:2). Shaddai the Breasted One has filled poor Job with bitterness instead of with sweet nurturing milk. The verb “Filled” means as in fed or filled the belly of. And El is mentioned as denying Job justice, in the same sentence.

Job clearly has two gods in his pantheon.

This life-sized depiction of the sacred marriage of Father God and Mother Goddess is carved in a rock grotto in Asia Minor, what is now Turkey. It dates to somewhere between 1200 and 1800 B.C., so is very old.  God-the-Father has lightning bolt symbol and scepter of rulership.  He is a form of Zeus and El, while she is Hera and Asherah/Eloah.  You can hear Hera’s name in Ash-hera.  Eloah Asherah has chalice or JAR of anointing oil in her hand.  She rides Asherah’s lioness, and another Asherah symbol, two dancing ibexes, is here.  Whenever we see lions and ibexes we know we have Yahweh’s wife.

Hittite Pair

She appears to hold a ship emblem with a dove hovering over it, then an egg over that.  Both of their symbol poles – hand held little totem poles – are capped with the oval with line down the middle, scholars say is a symbol of sacred marriage itself. 

The very first sentence of the Bible uses the name Elohim, meaning God and Goddess.  In fact, the entire first chapter of Genesis uses Elohim every time you see the word God. There are hundreds of cases where the Creator Couple is named right in your Bible, but you aren’t supposed to know about it. “Editors” with their own agendas reduced the Elohim to a single male god.  They stripped out Eloah from original Judaism.  No women allowed in the godhead.

One of Eloah’s more famous names is Sophia, meaning Wisewoman.

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