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Like Allat’s Sheba nickname means Wisdom-woman.
In Prov 8:22 Sophia herself explains how both she and he were there at Creation, “Yahweh got me at the beginning before all things were made.” The verb “got” is qanah — a Hebrew word meaning “acquired”, NOT created, and scholars say it means acquired in the ancient sense as a man acquires a wife. Very interesting.  So Yahweh “acquired” himself a wife before time began.  She’s eternal like him, in other words.
Personally I think it’s her doing the talking in Genesis when one god says, “Let us make man in our own image…”  Let US.  I remember being told in Bible class (I went to all strict Xtian Schools) that this was Jesus and God-the-Father talking to each other.
Yeah, right, THAT makes sense:  male and female created he them.

What else does Sophia say in Proverbs 8?


Sophia by Thalia Took

by Thalia Took

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