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Sophia has been waiting to be discovered, decoded, by those who know how to “see” her.
In the Trinity she is Holy Spirit.
There is no doubt the original holy spirit was feminine. Early church fathers called her their lady mistress. And in the now-lost Gospel of the Hebrews Jesus says, “my mother, the Holy Spirit took me up.” That makes the Holy Spirit — member of the godhead — a female, and implies that the Virgin Mary was a manifestation of her.  Jesus said, “my mother, the Holy Spirit…”

The Old Testament has a word for the Holy Spirit; It’s Ruach, a feminine proper name in the Hebrew language.  Ruach means, “She of the Breath,” or Spirit.
Genesis 1:2 says, “Ruach moved over the surface of her waters.”  But it is translated, “the spirit of God” moved over the waters.  Ruach also appears in the famous Psalm 51 where David begs God to forgive him then adds, and “Don’t keep Ruach from me!” But it’s translated as “Take not your holy spirit from me.”
David greatly revered Goddess and didn’t want to lose her endorsement. 


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