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“Holy Spirit”


“Breath of Power”

“The Glory”


Now here is Mrs. God as Sophia.  Notice her wings are not angel wings, but dove wings. Wisdom of Solomon, an ancient book in the apocrypha, says Sophia is the “Holy Spirit.” And even calls her, “the Comforter.”  The next verse refers to Sophia as “breath of god’s power“. Another verse calls her “the glory,” bringing to mind Shekinah, which means glory. Intriguingly, the end of the Lord’s prayer says… “for thine is the kingdom and the power and the glory.”

Many believe Sophia incarnated as Mother-Mary. 
It is logical she might choose to do that.  If a male deity can put on the flesh, than for sure a female one can. Maybe she wanted to help her son complete his mission. Sophia and Mary are said to be the same person, a Christian goddess.  Sophia-Maria she is called.
Notice Sophia is sitting on a Throne here.

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