Damsel of the Holy Grail; Slide 69

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And both are connected to the Holy Grail. I really like the symbolism here.  Magdalene is a priestess giving the eucharist and bestowing a hand of blessing. When giving the eucharist, the priest or priestess stands in for Christ — in persona Christi as the Catholic church calls it.  The Church says no woman can stand in the place of Christ, that’s why they allow only male priests.  Yet here is Magdalene “standing in” for her Beloved.

And she has the dove over her head, the mark of Goddesses, never a god. 

This dove gets around now.  And she is a SHE. Not a male, neuter, holy ghost vague sort of entity in the Trinity.

Damsel of the Holy Grail; unknown artist

Damsel of the
Holy Grail

We don’t know who painted this! We found it online uncredited, no explanation, nothin’.  If you know the painter, please send me an email: katia@northernway.org

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