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“I’m Every Woman…”

Is there a Mrs. God?  The idea of a married Jesus has gotten mainstream attention.  Not everybody believes it of course, but at least the IDEA is out there.  Circulating.  Thanks to a certain novel whose name I don’t need to tell you …but I will anyway… The DaVinci Code.
That book has gotten the wife-of-god concept talked about in every church of the land.
And gotten many a stuck-in-the-mud church leader scrambling, and fuming.
They would rather the Divine Feminine stay exiled.  Literally Demonized. Forever.

Luckily nowadays there are those who insist on looking for Her.  Including you and I.
She’s been waiting here all around us, among us, within us, wearing her heavy bridal veils.  Veiled Mother of the World here was painted a hundred years ago by Nicholas Roerich, a Russian mystic and esoteric Christian.  A hundred years ago our movement to restore our lost Goddess was just beginning.  And now it’s really picking up momentum.

And you are part of it…

Veiled Mother of the World

Veiled Mother of the World
by Nicholas Roerich

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