The Temple of Jerusalem, Innana resurrecting Tammuz; Slide 75


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Ezekiel 8

The Temple of Jerusalem

Innana-Ishtar Resurrecting Tammuz

Innan-Ishtar resurrecting Tammuz

Tammuz’s name is in the Bible, in Ezek 8, because the women and priestesses, were doing their annual weeping ritual & resurrection of Tammuz – right in Solomon’s Temple!  They would actually channel the Goddess, allow her to weep through them. Every year in the month of Tammuz, near the Spring equinox.  That month is still called Tammuz in the Jewish calendar.
The writer of Ezekiel is aggravated because he is one of the Yahweh-only priests who wants to get rid of all Goddess elements at the Temple. Some 1500 years after Ezekiel, Muslim sources complain about seasonal bride weeping, as it was called, and their attempts to stamp it out in certain Muslim-controlled cities, and all the way up to the 10th century among bedouin in the desert. 

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