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The Bible says hilltop shrines and temples were built for Asherah. The people performed wine pouring and breadmaking rituals in her honor. They burned incense to her.

She was wildly popular, as was her spouse Yahweh / El.  The Israelites honored them both, in sacred union.
Inscriptions have been found on decorated jars and on walls that say, “dedicated to Yahweh and his Asherah.”

This bronze Asherah figurine was made using an ancient mold discovered at Nahariyeh, Israel. She was mass produced so every hilltop shrine & household shrine  could have her.
Notice she looks like a pole, an Asherah pole.  Those famous Asherah Poles Church authorities say are not a goddess,  just a pole.  An object.
An Asherah tree of life.  A column like Children of Israel followed in the desert.
Moses’ staff was an Asherah pole.

Bronze Asherah Statue

cast from a mold

Asherah Statue

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