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Asherah Cakes Asherah Cake

Asherah Cakes

Haman's HatHaman’s Hats

Haman's Hats
Isaiah 16:7
Hosea 3:1
Jeremiah 7:18

   In Bible times people baked raisin cakes in the shape of Asherah’s body. Raisins are fruit of the vine.  They also poured wine into the earth — her body– for her.  They would also drink wine and eat the cakes as part of her worship.
   Drinking wine and eating bread-or-cakes that symbolize the blood and body of a deity was believed to actually unite you to your deity. 
   Jeremiah 7:18 complains, “The children gather firewood, the men build fires, and the women mix dough to bake cakes for the Queen of Heaven.” 
   Everyone had a part, children and adults.  It was a family ritual, making goddess part of the fabric of their lives.
   Can’t have any of that!, said the authorities.
   The Yahweh-only priests resented the popularity of the Ashera-Yahweh priesthood and after competing for centuries, manipulated a weak king to slaughter all the Asherah worshipers and tear down their temples and shrines.  It’s all in the Bible. 
   But you know what? To this day Jewish children still gather firewood for a special fire during Passover week, the Spring Equinox holiday. It’s a nat’l event in Israel, the kids going around gathering firewood for huge bonfires in the streets. “The children gather firewood and the men build fires, while the women bake cakes for the Queen of Heaven.”
   And even more unbelievable, modern Jewish women bake three cornered cakes  every year for the holiday called Purim.  Which is Esther’s holiday.  Esther is Hebrew for Ishtar! Ishtar, Astarte, Asherah. They are baking Asherah cakes! Rabbis explain that these modern cakes represent Haman’s hat or Haman’s ears and have nothing to do with Asherah, the Queen of Heaven.  Haman is the villain in Queen Esther’s story who tries to kill all the Hebrews. The modern Asherah cakes are triangular to represent the womb, Asherah is called She of the Womb in several inscriptions and clay tablets.  The triangular cakes must always be filled with fruit, fruit of the womb.  On the fertility Esther/Ishtar holiday called Purim.

    These other-Asherah-cakes, the ones on the left, were made by one of our students.  We have an online Mystery School where we teach all this sacred feminine stuff, and the Christian mysteries, et cetera. // One of our extra credit assignments in the first degree is to make Ashera raisin cakes.  Well this guy from Tennessee, took pictures of his cakes. He’s got the whole feminine curves and round belly-of-prosperity thing going on here.

   Jer. 7:18 says they bake these cakes for the Queen of Heaven.
   Queen of Heaven is another title found in the Bible for Asherah
Isis, Inanna, Ishtar & Asherah were ALL called the Queen of Heaven, a title later officially given to Mother Mary. Heaven was her realm, her Kingdom.

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