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When we say that, just who are we talking to? To the sacred feminine? In her forms of mother matter (kingdom), Shakti & Uzza (power), and Shekinah, (glory)?
All are titles for the Lost, exiled, Mrs. God.

Sophia is called the Tree of Life in Proverbs. Fatima is called Tree of Paradise.  Asherah “poles” and sacred “trees” were on all the hilltops and in the Temple itself.

This Tree of Life glyph, the ten balls with links between them, is part of Kabbalah, which is Jewish mysticism.  But the ToL design has its roots in ancient Greek sacred geometry and philosophy. You don’t have to be Jewish to work with this system.  Jesus definitely seems to have liked working with it because he uses it as the ringing conclusion of the way-cool prayer he taught his people.

Notice the Kabbalistic Tree of Life has a sphere for kingdom, the very bottom one, and a sphere called Power and another called Glory, the other two blinking ones.


For thine is the Kingdom, the Power, and the Glory

Tree of Life

There is something else about that phrase and the Tree of Life. A Christian mystery, used to be a secret teaching. No one knows where the practice of making the sign of the cross comes from.  Catholics and Eastern Orthodox Christians say it is a tradition going back to the earliest Christians, but they don’t know how it came to be. Well, if you think of the blinking spheres on this image as your shoulders and abdomen, then make the sign of the cross, you get… for Thine (touch your forehead) is the Kingdom (abdomen), the Power (shoulder) and the Glory (other shoulder).  You are actually touching the spots on your body that correspond to the tree of life.  One of our people emailed to say it looks like we should be touching our knees instead of shoulders because those blinking spheres are so low on the tree.  I explained we are symbolically kneeling at the base of the Tree of Life during this phase of our studies, so that means our shoulders are down there at the right place.  After later initiations we stand up and wear the crown at the top.  And we say different words, too…like for Thine is the Wisdom, the Beauty and the Beloved… 
The Russian, Greek and Egyptian Orthodox Christians touch the right shoulder first, the Catholics touch the left one.  That’s because Orthodox are symbolically FACING the Tree of Life, then stepping into it, dropping to their knees and becoming one with it. So they touch this shoulder first. That’s how I learned it, and Catholics call us Orthodox backwards.  Catholics touch the left shoulder first because they are figuratively turning around and backing into the Tree to become one with it. Also symbolically kneeling in the beginning. 
Now keep in mind, the average Catholic or Orthodox Christian and even the priests don’t know this tree of life connection for the sign of the cross.  The mainstream churches don’t teach such deep symbolism, it might lead them to the sacred feminine. 
Okay, so cross yourself with me a minute.  I do it the backwards Russian way, but do it the Catholic way if that’s how you know it.  For thine is the Kingdom and the power and the glory forever Amen.  You can end with Namaste hands for the Amen.  You are activating the Tree of Life, Asherah, Sophia, within your own body.

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