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Bourbonnais Magdalene c. 1490
Bourbonnais Magdalene

Pandora by Ives, 1858

Pandora by Ives

In Greek mythology Pandora is to blame for all the world’s woes because she opened Pandora’s box and released evil into the world.
Another blundering female.
But Pandora’s name means “All-Giver” or Universal Giver and originally she held a jar not a box, from which she poured out blessings like a cornucopia.
An ancient historian warped her story to come up with a Greek blame-it all-on-a-woman creation of evil myth.
Erasmus accidentally mistranslated pithos to pyxis in the Middle Ages, so we call it Pandora’s box when really it was a jar, as pictured here. I put Magdalene with her on this slide because that figurine is so similar to the Pandora, both holding jars.

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