Heretical Artists

Please read Chapter 6 of The Woman With the Alabaster Jar.

Copy and paste the following questions into an e-mail, insert your answers, and send to the Esoteric Mystery School with the subject line reading: “Alabaster Jar, Lesson 6  from ______________  “

1. True or False. Art scholars have never recognized that the medieval masters employed symbols in their works and that nothing appears in their painting that was not carefully put there to convey a meaning.

2. It has recently been suggested that Botticelli was the grand master of the secret _________ _________ called the Priory of Sion from 1483 until his death in 1510.

3. In the Madonna of the Pomegranate (and variants), the baby Jesus is holding a partially opened _______________, an ancient symbol for physical, sexual _________ because of its profusion of red seeds.

4. Who made Jesus the surrogate Bridegroom of Israel? And how?

5. The fox is a Gnostic symbol for _______ fraud.

6. References to foxes are found in the favorite scripture of the heretics, the Song of Songs, in which the “little foxes” spoil the vines in the vineyard of the Bride. Where is this found?

7. Who is the Derelicta? What does her name mean?

8. What did the colors red and white symbolize to the alchemist?

9. The color ______ or _______ is most often associated with Mary Magdalen in medieval paintings.

10. Although the Eastern Church has long painted icons depicting Mother Mary in red, in Rome’s Church in the 1600’s the Inquisition became very upset with paintings of the Madonna dressed in red. What did they do?

11. What was the “woman in red” synonymous with?

12. What do the tri-color aspect of the Triple Goddess represent?

13. Today the bar sinister has taken on the pejorative meaning of an _____________ ______________. But its original meaning in the heraldry of the Middle Ages
was the lineage of the __________ of whoever was bearing the shield.

14. The left-brained, right-handed orientation is considered “masculine” and “____________” and the right brained, left-handed orientation is labeled “feminine” or “_________________.” One is ___________, the other sinister. The same dualistic “head” and “heart” associations are carried into the political arena, where the “right” is conservative and the “left” is liberal.

15. What does the palm of the hand watermark mean?

16. What does the word Magi mean?

17. What was the star constellation of the “age” at the time of Jesus?

18. What does the term sub rosa imply?

19. The Rosicrucians’ cross was the _____ __ of true enlightenment, symbol of lux or “light”.

20. True or False. The Rosicrucian’s version of life and nature of Jesus was the same as the orthodox church.

21. Who were the two saints of the X universally popular in Europe?

22. Who is the third saint that often bears a shield with a red cross on it?

Questions by Priestess Nyota Sea aka HerbFancy

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