Day 10:  Don’t Cling to Me

Art:  Yeshua holds off Mary’s embrace because he hasn’t yet ascendedto the Father. Note the penant (symbol of resurrection from the dead), Yeshua’sclothing, Mary’s clothing and expression.  [Katia inserts: Keep in mindthat the word “cling” is the best translation of the original Greek word. It should NOT be translated as “don’t touch me,” but as “don’t clingto me,” or “don’t hold on to me,” because she was probably hugging him andwouldn’t let go. (Can’t blame her for that!).]

Devotional:  Yeshua seems reluctant to leave his bride. She mustbe filled with tremendous emotion–joy, love, relief, awe. But she hearswhat he says and backs away. Now what? Do they resume their life together?How will things change now? For now however, she must fulfill her missionto tell the other apostles.

Mysteries & Symbols: Note those red rectangles on Yeshua’s clothing. I have always wondered what they symbolize.  Magdalene is shownhere wearing the famous gold brocade of the Bride of the Messiah King asdescribed in Psalm 45.  Many painters have shown her wearing gold brocade– they all knew every psalm practically by heart in those days, and theMessiah’s Bride was supposed to wear gold brocade that was embroidered. See below for another such image.  Again, the painters were tryingto tell us something.  Whether it was true or not, these guys certainlybelieved it enough to risk their lives to preserve the heretical secrets.

Noli Me Tangere by Bartolomeo Ramenghi

Noli Me Tangere, Bartolomeo Ramenghi detto “il Bagnacavallo” tavola

by Alonso Cano

Noli me Tangere, by Alonso Cano, 1640. Oil on canvas, Museum of Fine Arts,Budapest. Margaret Starbird says this is the most striking example of thegold brocade from Psalm 45, the song to the Messiah King, which was partof the liturgy for centuries. Notice the garden spade or shovel he is holding,reminding us the resurrection occurred in a garden as in the ancient dying/ resurrection bridegroom king myths. Her jar is under her left hand, she’sleaning on it. Notice he is clearly touching her, fingers in her hair, even.So he is not saying, Don’t touch me you unclean thing!  But rather,”Don’t cling to me, beloved!”  Perhaps in today’s lingo he wouldadd, “Geez. You’ll knock my clothes off. Hang on.  I gottado something real quick, but I’ll be back.”

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