Ceremonial AngelMagic:
Petitions, Candles, Talismans, The Power of Names and Planets
By: Doc Fox

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Here is an article I prepared recently for a journal which was well received.However they would like me to break it down into smaller articles with aslightly different focus. They were quite complimentary. Nonetheless I thoughtrather than wasting it in my files until I cannabilize it into smaller articles,that I might share it with all of you. Still copyrighted material. It hasreferences at the end, etc. etc. It is writtenfor the Big L, [Llewellyn Books] so that is another reason the referencesare all Big L references. Hope it is interesting for everyone or useful orsparks good conversation.
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Ceremonial AngelMagic:
Petitions, Candles,Talismans, The Power of Namesand Planets

By Doc Fox Copyright 2002

Angels are found in many cultures although they may be called by differentnames. The practice of angel magic is something that can also be found inmany different forms. Angel magic can be found as a part of Jewish mysticismand magic, part of the path or practice called Kabballah. Angel magic wasperformed by Renaissance ceremonial magicians such as Dr. Dee, Court astrologerto Queen Elizabeth I and herald of the angelic language and system knownas Enochian. Angels and their assistance go beyond all boundaries of cultureand magical practice. Geoffrey James in his book Angel Magic definesangel magic as “…an ancient art that allows humans to initiate contactwith Angels (whenever it seems necessary or prudent) through rituals, prayersand practices that summon angels to earth.” Many look at the concept of angelmagic as being related to Christianity. This would be a false assumptionas we see angels in the Old Testament of the Hebrew people as well as inthe Moslem Koran. Angels or their equivalent can also be seen in Chaldeanculture as well as other cultures throughout the area. Angels can be easyto work with and are beings that are called upon by Wiccans and pagans aswell in many ceremonies. Silver RavenWolf, Wiccan Elder of the Black ForestClan states in her book Angels: Companions in Magic: “Many scholarsbelieve that angels are the result of cross breeding among belief systemsand include Egyptian, Sumerian, Babylonian, and Persian archetypes.”Angels in the minds of many are equated as being cute little fat babies withwings, cupids. However we find in such sources as Biblical Scripture, inPsalms, God riding a cherubim, while in other areas their appearence is comparedto having the body of a lion, or a countenance like lightning. Angels aremighty beings indeed. While angel magic can be complex when performed throughdifficult and time consuming rituals,sometimes called ceremonial magic, itcan also be relatively simple. This article will explore and present conceptson angel magic, some history, and theory, as well as some simple magicalspells, and more complex intermediate to advanced ceremonies.

In many systems the names of the four archangels areused to cast protective magical circles or perform a Quarter Callor Calling of the Quarters. Many systems or practitioners first casta magical circle or Call the Quarters as spell work or ceremony done beforeother spells or workings are started. There are various schools of thoughton the matter of casting circles and calling the quarters, however it canbe briefly summarized as:

1. Circle casting can be done to create a protection to prevent otherforces from interfering with your magic or if they attract other beings tothe practice of your magic the circle provides individual protection. Sometimesthese little beings that might be attracted to magic or might be seen orsensed by your newly opened eyes/senses are also referred to as “LittleNasties” by Donald Michael Kraig in his book “Modern Magick: ElevenLessons in the Magickal High Arts”.

2. Circles are sometimes thought to provide a focus and to build up the magicwithin the circle in a cone of force that is released at a key moment.

3. Some think that both of the above reasons are valid, while others thinkcircles are not necessary. However they might think it important to do magicon sacred ground or to cleanse an area or create sacred space.

4. There are also those who think that magical circles are vital to separatea person for the performance of magic, to create boundaries that place themagical practitioner in a special place removed from the normal world perse.

The process can be as simple as facing each direction and drawing a holysymbol (or sigil) in the air while calling out the name of an archangelassociated with that direction. Classically one might call upon the ArchangelRaphael for the East, Lord of Air , the Archangel Michael for the South,Lord of Fire, the Archangel Gabriel for the West, Lord of Water, and theArchangel Uriel for the North, Lord of Earth. In each case there is usuallya elemental attribution as well. Many books recommend that you visualizeand see energy coming from a pointing index finger as you draw the holy symbolin air. Some would say you could do this as a first step for cleansing theroom. Then draw a circle in the name of whatever Divine power by pointingyour index finger and seeing a line of golden energy, or blue flame or whateveryou would like to visualize as creating the perimeter of the circle. Mostpractitioners feel that one should cast a circle clockwise in direction andthen when taking down a circle do the opposite taking the energy back intoyour index finger and then sending it into the earth or clapping your handsand dispersing the energy. Many practitioners would also recommend that onenot cross the boundary of the circle. The Quarter Calls are the ceremonyof calling upon the archangels at each cardinal point, each quarter, andasking them to bless and assist and watch over and protect the magical circleand the magic that is done within the circle. Setting up a protective areato focus magic sometimes is just the first step. Silver RavenWolf gives agood example of an angelic circle casting in her book “Angels: CompanionsIn Magic’:

“Angels of north, stability circle round, Angels of east, wisdom abound, Angels of south, passions surround, Angels of west, transformation be found, I circle thrice, the shape of the plan. Invoke the light to where I stand.”

The Quarter Calls could be accomplished by facing each direction and callingupon that archangel and tracing a holy symbol in the air or the first letterof each archangel’s name or whatever symbolizes that archangel: air, fire,water, earth. Others will light candles of different colors at thequarters with the name of the archangel carved into the candle and anointedwith olive oil before the casting of the circle. Examples would be a yellowcandle for Raphael or some might use light blue, a red candle for Michael,a blue candle for Gabriel (darker blue) and a dark green candle for Urielto match up with their elemental symbolism. Other recommendations could beactual objects, such as a feather to represent air, a burned pieceof coal for fire or wood, and a small cup of water for the element of water,with a stone or crystal for earth. There are many alternatives and whateversymbolism is most powerful for you is what is recommended.

A simple example of the words that might be usedfor the Calling of the Quarters might be:     Top

Tracing a holy symbol in the air to the East, or lighting a candle:

“In the name of the Divine, do I call upon the Archangel Raphael, Wardenof the East, Lord of Air, to bless this ritual and protect us.”

Tracing a holy symbol in the south, or lighting a candle:

“In the name of the Divine, do I call upon the Archangel Michael, Wardenof the South, Lord of Fire, to bless this ritual and protect us.”

Tracing a holy symbol in the air to the West, or lighting a candle: “Inthe name of the Divine, do I call upon the Archangel Gabriel, Warden of theWest, Lord of Water, to bless this ritual and protect us.”

Tracing a holy symbol in the air to the North, or lighting a candle: “Inthe name of the Divine, do I call upon the Archangel Uriel, Warden of theNorth, Lord of Earth, to bless this ritual and protect us.”

At the end of a circle casting or a quarter call as some are combined manymagical practitioners will use some phrases to indicate the separation oftime and space for the mage. For example:

“We stand outside the boundaries of earth and time and are joined togetherwith our predecessors. So this circle is sealed, so are the Quarters Calledand the Wards are in place.”

While we have discussed some basic ceremonial angel magic, there are ritualsthat can be simple and quick. Ceremonial magicians might recommend that onecast a circle first then Call the Quarters. However magic can be simple andeffective. I would offer you a case study that was very effective for me.A very simple spontaneous spell, yet one that uses many of the principleswe have discussed based on the concept that names havepower. Geoffrey James reflects in his book “Angel Magic” that“the belief that certain words, especially the names of God, have thepower to constrain angels to obey the will of the Angel Magus. This principleis based on the Hebrew Cabala which says that the name of an object isinextricably linked with that object.”                   Top

Taking these thoughts into consideration I was residing in Florida and listeningto the radio. A hurricane was off the coast and the area I lived in wasfortunately landlocked. However we still had fifty mile an hour winds. Realizingthat a natural opportunity was occuring I went outside to do a quick andspontaneous working. I stepped outside into a fierce wind and raised my handsup to the sky which was leaden gray, calling out:

“I call upon the winds of the North, the South , the East and West.To bring me healing and blessings for all that is best in the name of theLord of Air, the Archangel Raphael of light do I call upon the forces andspirits of air to aid me with great might.”

This simple call upon the forces of air using the name of the Archangel Raphaelseemed to transform my life at that time. For weeks afterwards I receivedcalls from friends I had not seen in years to repay me money that I was owed.Blessings of many different types seemed to flourish. While some might sayit was a coincidence many of us might call it miraculous. Others might saythere are no coincidences, that it was synchronicity. We find our own evidencein our belief in magic and sometimes that evidence is something that mayonly convince us. Nonetheless the ceremony was a sound example of the theorythat the names of beings have power. That the name of the Archangel Raphaelhas power and that through the belief or the attribution of Raphael as aLord of Air, and by his status as an archangel that forces of air might becommanded, compelled or petitioned for assistance. This is a basic medievalconcept of hierarchy. Where an archangel might be considered something ofa liege prince and other beings of air, say for example sprites or faeriefolk, or the four winds in this case also known to the Greeks as the Zephyrs,might respond to the petition and work on behalf of the casting magicalpractitioner. In many belief systems we find the concept that to know a nameis to have power over a being as in a demon (fallen angel). Indeed many culturessuperstitiously avoid using the name of gods or goddesses or various beingsfor fear of drawing their attention such as the Devil. The idea of the powerof names is an old one indeed.

Petition Angel Magic                               Top
There are other simple angel magics as well. Another simple form might becalled petition magic. It involves simple ceremoniesbut is not very elaborate. For many there is the concept that certain numbersare lucky or holy or special. Therefore one can write a petition to a certainarchangel and make it more powerful by the repition of writing the petitiona certain number of times. For Christians and Wiccans the number three sometimeshas significance. For some the number seven is considered to be lucky. Onecould write a petition for example as follows:

“I call upon the Archangel Michael, the Lord of Fire, Protector and Defender,
To protect my home with a powerful ward
To protect us against all harm or negativity as a shield protects against a sword
To bind all enemies who might enter or cause harm as with a powerful cord
To bless my home with harmony and love
With many blessings from the Divine from above”

The above petition could be written upon a piece of paper seven times forgood luck. It could then be burned in a small brazier or small stone fireproofbowl or whatever container was safe and the ashes scattered to the four winds.There is powerful symbolism in burning the paper as the Archangel Michaelis the Lord of Fire according to some. There would be powerful symbolismto casting something to the four winds for the Archangel Raphael as the Lordof Air. Burying something, like a petition, in the earth would be a powerfulgesture in harmony with the Archangel Uriel, Lord of the Earth. Sending apetition floating down a river would work well in context with your callingupon the assistance of the Archangel Gabriel as Lord of Water. The idea forforumulating the words for a petition is found not only in the repititionof number of lines but also it is thought by some practitioners that rhymingwords in a chant can be very helpful in the process of raising and directingenergy. It could help one key into the subconscious mind as the words aremore easily remembered. There are some practitioners who feel that it isquite important to key into our inner child and therefore many of thesetechniques are done in order to appeal to ways to unlock our own magicalpower through our inner child. Writing letters and burning them is a classicmethod of psychotherapy as well for releasing the past.

Angelic Talismans                                Top
Finally we come to the concept of creating simple talismans with angel magic.The material that has preceded this section lays the foundation for creatingsimple talismans. As has already been discussed in this article one may doritual or ceremony in a complex manner or a more simplified form. The followinginformation will include the basics for creating simple talismans in thefirst example and then a more complex example will be given for more advancedpractitioners or those who prefer more complex workings. Donald Michael Kraigdefines the word talisman in his book “Modern Magick: Eleven Lessonsin the High Magickal Arts” as “Any object, sacred or profane, withor without appropriate symbols, charged or consecrated towards the achievingof a specific end. For occultists today, a talisman is a device that willdraw something (health, money, or wisdom) towards you.” While thereare a variety of methods for charging or consecrating talismans one of themethods that I most favor is candle magic. First one must prepare oneselfmentally for any ritual. Some would recommend you outline the ritual in writing,others that you meditate to raise power or pray, or cleanse yourself ritually.In general the magical practitioner would carve with a toothpick or knifeor nail, words into the candle that are pertinent. In this case one wouldcarve the name of the archangel you are petitioning or the angelic forcesor both. One might also carve the intent of the candle. The color of thecandle can also be important in that the color has to make sense to you,have an association with the intent for which you plan to use the candleor for the spell.

In this case we are going to consider creating a simple talisman formoney. The color association that is easiest is the color green, probablya dark green that can be symbolic or reminiscent of money, as well as thegreen of St. Patrick and the luck of the Irish, good luck and money. It canalso be associated with earth and with abundance. Others might see it associatedwith Venus as being a goddess of abundance. Since this is primarily focusedtowards angel magic however a practitioner can still call upon the powerof the Angelic Intelligence of Venus. This is an old medieval and renaissanceconcept that each planet has a ruling angelic power that can be appealedto. In this case you would take the green candle and carve the words “Letmoney come to me in abundance with many blessings in the name of the ArchangelUriel, Lord of Earth and the Archangelic Intelligence of Venus.” Onecould also call upon St. Patrick for good luck. You could carve a U in thecandle. You can also write your petition or what you want to happen or thechant on a piece of paper and put it under the candle. You could copy itseven times or a number that is significant to you. It is suggested thatyou copy the petition on another piece of paper you plan to use for the talisman.The paper could be green as part of the color symbolism.

Next you charge the candle by raising power. The candle is considered tobe like a battery holding energy and you need to charge that candle by annointingit with oil and rubbing the oil in. Think of the oil as a conductor of energyfrom your hands. Christians still use chrism oil for annointing new candidatesfor Confirmation in the Catholic Church, and the term Christos means“anointed one.” The tradition of anointing oils is an old one.Raymond Buckland, author of “Advanced Candlemagick” recommendsthat when one is dressing a candle with a base of olive oil (although otheroils can be used that are more symbolic), that one “Hold the candleand rub it with oil from the center out to the end. All the time you areanointing the candle, concentrate on the person the candle represents orthe purpose of the candle.” To continue the analogy of the candle beinga battery, once you feel you have spent some time filling the candle withenergy, focusing on the intent, then you should also realize that when thecandle is lit, that the intent goes into effect. The candle as a batterygenerates your intent to the universe putting forth the energy in the formof your intent. The words and petitions as well as visualizations and chargingall help define your intent. In this particular case you should focus onthe successful creation of a talisman. You should visualize energy goinginto the candle to create a powerful drawing force to bring money to you,some would argue you should name a specific amount and take the precautionof stating in your petition and on the candle that it not cause you or othersany harm. You must realize that a later part of the creation of the talismanwill involve you lighting the candle and then after it is lit being preparedto drip some green candlewax upon the copy of your petition which is thetalisman. The talisman might also have not only the petition but also theletter U for the archangel Uriel. By pouring wax on the other piece of paperyou are using the Law of Sympathetic Magic, that like responds to like andby taking the candle wax and putting it on the seal you are charging it withthe power of the candle. Once the paper wax talisman cools you can carvea U on the surface if you would like. Or write in the surface the word money.You can also put the talisman in a safe place, like an envelope with yourbusiness card in it. Or you could put it in your wallet however the waxtalisman/seal may be broken there which might not be good symbolism. Youcould also take some of the wax from the lit candle, and put some of thewax in the wallet. You can also put the talisman inside a box with some money,or place money there every day and ask that your money in general increasemany fold. All these methods are good magical practices to aid the talismanand give it more focus. To place the above in a more concise form, the followingoutline is helpful:

I. Prepare, meditate or pray for ritual

II. Carve the candle, write out the petitions, write out the talisman

III. Anoint the candle and charge the candle

IV. Light the candle, begin the ceremony (in the advanced version I willinclude circle casting and quarter calls as part of the ceremony).

V. Say the words of the petition over and over again as you focus on thecandle and the talisman. After you feel like you have poured more energyinto the process, pour the candlewax very carefully so as not to burn yourself.It is wise to only do small amounts at any one time, as it may cause thecandle to go out which you would not want to happen. In addition for safetyyou might want to have a bowl of sand or water for safety measures.

VI. After you have put a small amount of wax perhaps the size of a coin uponthe talisman then you can carve words or a letter into it while calling uponthe Archangel Uriel to bless your request for money blessings. Be carefulnot to break the seal or talisman.

VII.. Thank the Archangel Uriel as well as other forces you may have calledand close the ceremony by letting the candle burn out if you wish. If youdo not want to leave it burning you must program in the intent that eachtime you light it again the talisman becomes stronger. You should place thetalisman in a safe place, several suggestions were made above.

Some practitioners will set a specific time frame for the talisman, thatone should gain money blessings of $500 within a month, and even morespecifically, through the sale of an article if you are a writer, or salesfor salesman or whatever way you think might be an avenue for money. Otherpractitioners feel that the Universe has enough abundance and will providein a positive manner.

Another consideration as part of creating a talisman and doing the accompanyingcandlemagic is to call upon angels based upon astrology. One could call uponthe power of the Archangelic Intelligence of Venus, and call upon the angelsof Taurus the Earth Sign for abudance and or Capricorn for Career. One canjust simply call upon the angels of the earth as earth is usually associatedwith abundance and money and stability. As is the Archangel Uriel as Lordof the Earth.

Planetary Magic & Magic of the Days and the Hours                 Top
More advanced practitioners will also recognize the concept of planetary magic and magic of the days and the hours. This concept indicates that if one links your magic to astrology or the planets or angelic forces that are astrologically or planetarily involved, that you could do magic on certain days and at certain times to increase the power or efficiency of spells. That the more associations or correspondences one uses the better the ceremony or working. Therefore the power of the Sun is associated with Sunday. For those who wish to research astrology you could then find correspondences for the Sun, general ones such as it being masculine while the moon is feminine. More specific associations such as the concept that the Sun is the ruler of the astrological sign of Leo. If a person was doing a talisman for protection of themselves or to effect themselves, and they were a Leo it might be wise to do the working or spell on a Sunday using symbols of Leo, such as a Lion or writing Leo on the candle, or writing the astrological symbol which is a circle with a black dot in the middle. One could also associate the sun with Fire, and Leo is a fire sign and through this rationale you could also associate this whole process with the Archangel Michael as Lord of Fire. [Image]
From Marty Noble Gallery

The following is a basic chart of planetary associations with colors, archangelsand more although they are not set in concrete and may vary from person toperson in their personal symbolism and belief system.

Day Planet Astrological Sign Archangel Element Sunday Sun Leo Michael Fire Monday Moon Cancer Gabriel Water Tuesday Mars Aries Michael Fire Wednesday Mercury Gemini Raphael Air Thursday Jupiter Sagitarrius See Below See Below Friday Venus Libra / Taurus Uriel / Auriel Earth Saturday Saturn Capricorn Uriel / Auriel Earth

The above chart reflects only the consideration of four archangels althoughseven are mentioned in many different sources. For my purposes I only usethe big four as those are the ones that are discussed in the most detailin a variety of different sources and the ones I feel most comfortable workingwith. What some call the “Big Four.” I tend to believe that itis best to work with beings that you can research and come to understand,the less you understand the more likely there might be odd side effects ora lack of success in your ceremonies. You will notice in the chart abovethat I did not include any specific attribution for Jupiter as far asangelically. That is because Jupiter for me is the planet of expansion, andwhatever forces you are calling upon may be dependent on what you are tryingto expand. Some might say the Archangel Michael is most appropriate as arepresentative of Justice, as Jupiter may also be symbolic of justice. Reallyall of the attributions above are a matter of opinion and to complicate matters,I may call upon different angels on different days depending on the workingI am doing. What sphere of influence or area do they represent that I amcalling upon them for. If I am seeking them for their patronage then indeedwhat are they the patron of. This can lead to a good deal of research invarious books. There are a great number of associations.

The idea of mixing and matching various planets and colors and correspondenceis a complex one. It is analogous to mixing chemical compounds. You can havefive different chemicals in a container and they influence one another. Sotoo does every aspect of a spell, every correspondence every component. Itcauses the working or ceremony to be more specific. So for example, the archangelRaphael is also known as the Heavenly Physician and healer, and he mightbe called upon in a magical ceremony for the healing of a woman, and thereforethe magic might be done on a Monday or Moonday for healing of a woman, callingupon Raphael as opposed to Gabriel. This might be particularly effectiveif the woman in question was also an air sign astrologically because Raphaelis the Lord of Air, and in particular is associated with Mercury, that muchthe better is she is a Gemini which is ruled by Mercury. The more associationsyou can build up the better.

In chemical compounds on finds that there might be seven different chemicalsin a mix, but you might only see the color of two for example, although allseven are active ingredients. On the other hand you can mix opposites withdisastrous consequences, although once again you can have successes dependingon the substance. One should consider that when you are mixing correspondencsor associations, that they should have linkage. They are usually not oppositeforces. To mix those in the same spell may cause one to cancel out the otheror to be in combat it’s opposite force. It is far more advanced to combineopposite forces or principles to create a greater whole. It is possible butshould be given due consideration before the attempt.

The last example for creating a talisman involves a variety of more complexvariables. Looking at the possible use of a talisman for healing isalways a difficult task. Healing in and of itself within the magical worldcan not only be difficult but in the opinion of some magical practitionerscan also be dangerous. That would be one reason why this particular ceremonymight be considered intermediate to advanced in level or content. There isa theory that anything that needs to be healed may fight back and attackthe caster. For that reason this ceremony is also being recommended for theindividual although it could be used for another individual as well. Thisceremony will address the common malady of depression. The talisman couldbe considered a type of magic called theurgy which by and large is sometimesdefined as holy magic or magic which serves a sychotherapeutic purpose ora higher spiritual purpose. Money making as in the previous working mightbe termed it’s opposite, thaumatergy or wonder working usually for mundanepurposes, or materialistic goals although this definition too is in contentionin the magical community.

Talisman to Ward Against Depression by Bringing Joy

I. Prepare for the ritual, pray, study, meditate, write out the ceremonyin detail, some would say prepare the various materials

II. Cleanse the room by facing in the four directions and drawing a holysymbol in that direction and asking that the room be cleansed and protectedand blessed.

Variable Option: Some would argue that one should carve the candle, annointit and prepare it before the circle casting and quarter calls, others wouldargue to do so after the quarter calls, it is up to the individual.

III. Use a Yellow Candle to Represent the Higher Mind, and Healing and Joy,write/carve the words “I call upon the Archangel Raphael to bring acloud of golden healing light and joy into manifestation by the burning ofthis candle and that this force would be connected to the talisman I am craftingand upon the person I am casting this talisman for (insert name of person).The talisman calls the angelic forces of Leo to drive away depression andto replace it with joy and happiness but also with a sense of balance, harmonyand stability. May the power of this working increase each day and remainas long as the talisman remains intact. May it reach a level that is mostbeneficial for the person who’s name is upon it.” Then carve thename of the person on the candle that you wish to have the talisman, theperson with depression. Visualize them being happy and a cloud of depressionbeing lifted and scattered by the four winds under the hand of the ArchangelRaphael, Lord of Air, Heavenly Physician. Also visualize them being surroundedby a cloud of joy and protection and blessings of harmony. One should placethe petition under the candle, make a copy for the talisman itself with alarge letter R written over the back of the talisman. One should considermaking a third copy to be used as a side ritual for a petition to be burned.The ritual should be performed on a Wednesday or a Sunday preferabley forhealing and the higher mind. Also symbols appropriate for Mercury and theSun can be carven into the candle and on the petitions and talisman.

IV. Cast the Circle (see previous section of article)

IV. Call the Quarters (see previous section of article)

V. Light the candle and chant the petition focusing the power of the ceremony.After wax has gathered carefully pour small amounts of wax upon the talismanof paper (yellow paper if you would prefer) and allow it to dry. Do not letthe candle go out. Take all precautions for safety. Once the yellow candlewaxis firm, finely trace an R and the name of the person the talisman is meantfor and/or the word healing or joy. If it all fits great if not then do whatis most powerful and appealing for you.

VI. Place the completed talisman after chanting over it the words of thepetition in an envelope with your picture or the picture or representationof the person you wish the spell to work for. Tie them together with yellowribbon. One might also consider taking the petition that might be under thecandle base that has wax melted upon it and putting a portion in with theenvelope and picture or item later on before sealing the envelope. Alternativelythe envelope could be carried on the person or in a small change purse, orcase. It is probably better for it to be put somewhere safe out of sight.

VII. Burn the second copy of the petition and cast the ashes to the fourwinds later, or pour the ashes into the envelope to combine with the talisman,saying the words of the petition as you burn it, and then saying that asit has burned to ashes so is the spell working locked in and sealed in ash.

VIII. Let the candle burn out or one can complete the ceremony by thankingthe Archangels and the power of the Divine and giving them leave to departor remain in blessing. Put the candle somewhere safe to finish burning ifone closes the ceremony. do not put the candle up until one has finishedall other parts of the ceremony. Do not cross the boundaries of your owncircle for example.

IX. Take the energy back from your circle counter clockwise as earlier discussed.

X. Some would recommend what might be called a grounding of energy, visualizingthe extra energy from the circle etc. as going into the ground or motherearth or as dispersing as blessings for the household like motes of light.Then cleaning up and doing something different to put your mind elsewherein the more mundane world. Eating or celebrating. In many cases you mightstill feel a charge.

This particular talisman should be effective in lifting depression and usheringin joy and happiness. Sometimes this can go on too long if not done properlywhich is why there is an emphasis for balance and harmony. Just as the sunis good for plants, too much sun burns them out, and they do need some timeof rest or shade.

Ceremonial angel magic touches on so many different cultures and customs.It is easily mixed with so many different magical forms and techniques aswe have seen in this article. Techniques that include petition magic, candlemagic, planetary magic, the power of names as a magical law and force ofinvocation and evocation. The use of talismans is also a powerful technique.Angels are involved intrinsically with many forces as powerful representationsof these powers. What we have found as we looked at things ranging from circlecasting to quarter calls to spontaneous magic in a storm is that angels areeverywhere, can be called upon in many different ways and can be very helpful.Hopefully this brief survey of some angel magic methods will be useful toyou and some of the texts mentioned might point the way for further studyand experimentation.


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Bio: “Doc Fox” is a Christian CeremonialMagician, licensed minister, and pastoral counselor, with a D.Div. from asmall denomination. Currently he is employed as an advocate for the elderly,however has worked with people as a government social worker, educator, andtherapist specializing in addictions, as well as adjunct college professorof psychology, sociology, and social psychology over the past 15 years. Inaddition he is certified by the Dept. of Business and Professional Regulationfor the State of Florida in Classical, Ericksonian and NeurolinguisticProgramming Techniques in Hypnosis by the Southern Institute of NeurolinguisticProgramming. He is also the editor of an ezine on Christian mysticism andmagic. He is an honorable Knight Chevalier of the Healing, Teaching and ChivalricOrder of St. Raphael and the Universal Brotherhood, an authentic order ofchivalry based in England.

StudyQuestions (compiled by Angel Mage Deanna)   Top

Send your answers to the Schoolwith the subject line: 3AA 1st Deg. Ceremonial from ___________(insert your magikal name)

1. Angels and their assistance go beyond all boundaries of_________________________

2. T/F Angel magic is related to Christianity.

3. Briefly describe why you would cast a circle.

4. Which archangel is Lord of Air and East?

5. Which archangel is Lord of Fire and South?

6. Which archangel is Lord of Water and West?

7. Which archangel is Lord of Earth and North?

8. What is a quarter call?

9. Briefly describe Petition Magic.

10. Briefly describe a Talisman.

11. Why is using a candle important for a ceremony?

12. What is the Law of Sympathetic Magic?

13. Why would you want to relate your magic to planetary magic?

14. Exercise: Choose and anoint a candle. Why did you choose the color. Whicharchangel is represented by the candle?