Shem haMephoresh Lesson 2, the Divine Name of Extension

Please read the article Shem ha-Mephoresh, the Divine Name of Extension by Aaron Leitch at: and then return here to answer the questions below. Send your answers to the Mystery School  with AOM Shem haM 2 from _____ (your magikal name) in the subject line.

QUIZ QUESTIONS compiled by Initiates Oiled Lamp, Abby and Dr. Katia

1. Which name is found by spelling out Y and V in Hebrew and leaving the H’s as single letters?

2. What “magic word” is traditionally written as a pyramid?

3. How does traditional kabbalah explain the shape of the Yod?

4. Which piece of the extension is compared to the pagan/Celtic holiday Beltane?

5. Which four animals did the faces of the four creatures in Ezekiel’s vision resemble?

6. What do “eyes” refer to in ancient writings?

7. What is the name of the goddess the author says this about: “She is the end result, and the Goddess who exists all around us.” Which of the four letters in the YHVH represents this goddess?

8. If an angel were to deliver a message this silly, which one would it have been, according to the kabbalistic tradition? “give a big red igloo eleven lamps.”

9. True or False: the author of this piece thinks classical material is always better.

10. What does Chayai Olam haBah mean in Hebrew?

11. What did Jacob say twelve stones joining into one would mean?

12. What metals relate to each office: king, duke, prince/prelate, marquise, president, earl/count, knight?

13. The Tetragrammaton rules the Zodiacal Forces. Find your zodiacal sun-sign on the list given and write here the special permutation of YHVH that goes with your sign (according to Agrippa). If you have Donald Tyson’s book Tetragrammaton, please write his version of your sun-sign’s permutation here, too.

14. The author says the word Merkavah / Merkabah means “throne.” We know it also means “chariot of fire,” a vehicle used by the Merkavah Riders as they ascended via meditation and magiks to the Throne of God. Fill in the blank: “Here we are given a glimpse of the Cosmology of the ancient Hebrew Merkavah Mystics – who are the ancestors of the _____________.”

Short Essay: Explain this quote in terms of the Shem haMephoresh: “The Schema is one, its columns are two, its power is three, its form is four, its reflection giveth eight, which multiplied by three giveth unto thee the Twenty-Four Thrones of Wisdom. Upon each Throne reposeth a Crown with three Rays, each Ray beareth a name, each Name is an Absolute Idea. There are seventy-two Names upon the crowns of the Schema.”

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