Lesson 11
Ring of Solomon

Read Chapter 11 of Donald Tyson’s book, Power of the Name, formerly titled Tetragrammaton.

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1. Arab and Jewish legends say that Solomon could control which element?
a) fire
b) water
c) air
d) earth

2. When Solomon needed to punish the jiin, what did he do?

3.T/F Solomon had not only a ring of power but also a special ornate box with secret powers inside.

4. Which is the more authentic symbol on the ring:
a) the hexagram
b) the pentagram

5. T/F There seems to be no magical link between the seal upon Solomon’sring, and the herb known as Solomon’s seal.

6. In fairy tales like Snow White where the Queen looks in the mirror and says “Mirror, mirror, on the wall who is the fairest of us all?” it is clear this is no ordinary mirror. Who acted as a magic mirror for King Solomon?

7. The other reference to the shamir is one where it is seen as a fabulous stone cutting creature. In today’s world which stone would we say it was that could cut so well? a) ruby b) sapphire c) diamond d) quartz crystal

8. T/F The brilliant pure light of the diamond was considered more powerful than all the other stones.

9. Various different people have hypothesized what Solomon’s ring may have looked like. In the chart below write down the details regarding the ring on pages 90 and 91 in your text and have a look at how the descriptions vary.
EA Wallis Budge: ring was made of_________________
stone on it was__________________
the symbol on it_________________
Sephardi folk tale: ring was made of______________
stone on it was__________________
the symbol on it_________________
Richard F. Burton: ring was made of_______________
stone on it was__________________
the symbol on it_________________

10. Is it thus possible to arrive at any firm conclusion about the true form of the ring of Solomon? Knowing what we do today about the transmitting qualities of crystals and also about metallurgy and using metals for electronic devices and inventions…..why do you think King Solomon used rocks and metals for his ring?

11. From a magical standpoint, what is the purest form/symbol for a ring?

12. Why would the ineffable name IHVH be cut into the stone as a mirror inversion?

13. Which is the most famous tale about the ring of Solomon?
a) The concubine Amina gave the ring to Sakhar.
b) The fish swallows the ring.
c) Asmodai swallows the ring.

14. What is the relationship between the unconscious mind and rebirth of the king?

15. List the number that best describes the aspects of the ring that go with the different spiritual developments.
a) entire ring swallowed means:
1. out of sight out of mind.
2. one is lost and unable to speak their own name.
3. not much in the fridge that night.

b) The open hoop of the ring means:
1. a doorway to no where. There is nothing in the middle.
2. a portal to a higher dimension of reality.
3. inserting the finger, we enter this higher dimension and partake of its power because of the symbols on the ring.
4. inserting the finger, we enter this higher dimension and partake of its power.

c) When Asmodai swallows the ring he:
1. will have a stomach ache and vomit the ring back up.
2. he takes its higher dimension of reality and submerge it within the shadows of the magic circle of his body.
3. isolating and commanding the instrument, despite being a creature of darkness.

16. In magic, rings can be empowered in four ways. Describe what these four ways are and what they consist of.

17. Solomon was able to employ the power of the ring for holy works because he lived according to the law of the Torah. Check off which ways Solomon’s errant behaviour cancelled/stopped the power of the ring.
a) lying or stealing sheep
b) lusting after the daughter of a gentile king
c) allowing an idol to be erected within his palace
d) his pride was tempted
e) too many wives and too much food.

18. T/F The living power of the shamir came from God and not from an angel.

19. There are four great rivers of power that flowed through Solomon’s ring.Write down which great rivers of power (1 to 4) that each of the following sentences came from.
______power flowing through the ring of Solomon issued from the shamir stone.
______power that issued from the Ineffable Name of God inscribed into it.
______the material substance or substances, that formed the ring, or were enclosed within the ring.
______what was inscribed upon the ring at the time of its making.

20. Complete the sentences:
1. Gold draws down the solar virtue of the_____.
2. ___________is the stone of Aries and Mars.
3. _______and _________reinforce his aspect as a powerful warrior king.
4. The________represents Solomon as an__________and benevolent ruler.

21. Since we cannot begin to reconstruct the true ring of Solomon what mustwe do if we wish to make a similar ring today?
a) copy the old ideas and hope for the best.
b) devise modern rings of power based upon the same magickal principles that went into the design of Solomon’s ring.
c) rely upon the authority of the Tetragrammaton for their effectiveness.

ESSAY: In you own life you have likely owned a ‘lucky’ object that you associated with something. As you carried this object about or looked at it, then certain things would happen. Likewise you may have had an unlucky object. What is the difference between something being lucky and unlucky….and how does this process relate to all the symbolism of Solomon’s ring? Do you think that he also mentally engaged with the ring in order to bring about results and if so, mention what you think he could have done. In conclusion, talk about how symbols and intent work with the elements to create magick in the hands of a Magus. (for example: substance, numbers, letters, zodiac signs,moon signs, and anything else that you feel needs to be mentioned). How might re-incorporating all of this back into Christianity change it?

Questions by Rev. Diakonissa Rhonda

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