Lesson 13
Empowering the Rings

Read Chapter 13 of Donald Tyson’s book, Power of the Name, formerly titled Tetragrammaton.

Copy and paste the following questions into a new post to your Ning MemberFiles AOM 1st Degree study hall, insert your answers and post them with the subject line: Tetragram Lesson 13 from ________ (your magikal or priestly name)

1. What 3 things must you do with each ring once his has been engraved?

2. Which 2 things do we need to magickally cleanse the rings?

3. Write the number of the Psalm that Tyson says is a modified version of the Kabbalistic cross ritual used in Golden Dawn Magick for a prayer of purification. Psalm number_____________

4. T/F The cleansing and centering formula should only be used before charging and dedicating the rings.

5. What does both holy water and ritually purified water both contain?

6. What are the two names of the authorities that banish and infuse?

7. Name the two ways of projecting magickal symbols onto ritual objects.

8. Why must each engraved ring be baptized?

9. How does Tyson describe the elemental natures each guardian angel invoked during his ring-baptizmal ritual?

10. T/F To charge gold rings with solar light the spiral is made with the right index finger and is a clockwise inward spiral.

11. Tyson talks about the angels becoming animate and you will be able to communicate with them. Think about when in your own life you may have had angels communicate to you. Write down what your experiences are. Or if you have not yet had an angel visit, stop and say a short prayer asking the God/dess to open you up to feeling the presence of angels. There are many internet sites about angels so go and look the word ‘angel or angel prayers’ in order to explore.

12. Which rituals may be used as a preliminary structure for almost all rituals?

Questions by Rev. Diakonissa Rhonda

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