Lesson 14
Form and Function of the Wings

Read Chapter 14 of Donald Tyson’s book, Power of the Name, formerly titled Tetragrammaton.

Copy and paste the following questions into a new post to your Ning MemberFiles AOM 1st Degree study hall, insert your answers and post them with the subject line: Tetragram Lesson 14 from ________ (your magikal or priestly name)

1. Why did the Bible describe the four beasts who surround the throne of the heavenly Christ as having ‘wings’?

2. Where do angels derive their forms from?

3. Why is it advantageous to endow spirits with the human forms and characteristics?

4. Fill in:
a) It is the role of the Wings on the left side to bring forth into being__________ and possibilities.
b) It is the role of the Wings on the right side to implant the seminal sparks that form the vital nuclei of all ___________ things, sustaining and _________them in the universe.

5. a) The Wings of the Winds related to cardinal signs of the zodiac will be:______, _________, and _____________.
b) Those related to the mutable signs will be: ________,_________, and___________.
c) The wings related to the fixed signs will be:_____,_______, and ________.

6. Fill in the descriptions Tyson gives for the elemental associations of the Wings on page 121 and 122.
a) The angels of fire will have bodies that are:_____________.
b) The angels of water will be_____________.
c) The angels of air will have__________hair.
d) The angels of the earth will take orders____________.

7.Now look through the list of ‘wings’ and angels that Tyson provides in your book from pages 123 to 146. Please answer the following questions as you read each page in consecutive order.
Angel 1) The banner for Kethahel is_________.
Angel 2) Hatakiah is a good angel to confront___________
Angel 3) The sex of Kazahel is__________.
Angel 4) Hazekiah is under the zodiac sign_____________ .
Angel 5) Write the banner for Keliel___________ .
Angel 6) List the element for Yelekiah__________ .
Angel 7) Daviel is responsible for the care of ____________ .
Angel 8) What is the name of the Enochian Senior for Yodiah? ____________.
Angel 9) Write down the number of the house for Demuel___________.
Angel 10) The name of the tenth angel__________.
Angel 11) What is the stone for Dabael?___________.
Angel 12) Badiah’s tribe is__________.
Angel 13) The quality for Vahael?__________.
Angel 14) What type is Haviah?___________.
Angel 15) The house that Vihael lives in?____________.
Angel 16) Direction for Hiviah_____________.
Angel 17) Name of the Apostle linked to Vivael? _______.
Angel 18) A function of Viviah is to ______social disobedience.
Angel 19) Enochian God Name for Shabuel___________.
Angel 20) The side connected to Vabashiahl__________.
Angel 21) Shavhavel has a ________neck.
Angel 22) To banish Vaheshiah do you a figure that looks like a slightly tilted ‘Z’ or ‘H’?
Angel 23) Shaiel has a _______voice.
Angel 24) Aishiah guards and protects_________.

And now you have ‘met’ all the angels! This is the end of lesson 14.

Be an angel now and get yourself something to drink, relax and think heavenly thoughts.

Questions by Rev. Diakonissa Rhonda

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