Lesson 15
Assuming the Christ-Form

Read Chapter 15 of Donald Tyson’s book, Power of the Name, formerly titled Tetragrammaton.

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1. What does one do to assume ‘ritual assumption of god-forms’ according to Tyson? Submit answer a, b, or c
a) pray, assume the correct words of power, and wear the appropriate rings
b) symbols on paper, certain herbs, incantations
c) visualization, words of power, symbolic actions and associations

2. Explain the rationale for the assumption to the god-form.

3. The long-term function of __________a god-form is to change ourselves into _________, wiser, and ___________human beings.

4. Discuss the mistakes that the Jewish exorcists made who went around driving spirits from the possessed in the names of Jesus.

5. What do the twenty-four elders represent?

6. List the angels of the seven lamps.

7. Tell us what the easier way is, rather than using the ‘Wings of the Winds’,to command even the highest angel Metatron?

8. A seated figured signifies___________creative potential but not the active______________energy. (Meaning– Kings command from their thrones but have knights or messengers.

9. Quote the Bible passage that gives an excellent description of the heavenly Christ.

10. Who is Christ similar in appearance to?
a) His apostles
b) Metatron
c) the 24 seated elders
d) the Virgin Mary

10. Why is Christ seated on a horse?

11. How would women visualize Christ in order to make the assumption of the Christ-form easier?

12. T/ F The Messiah, who is Light incarnated upon the Earth in human form,is neither wholly male nor wholly female.

13. What is the ultimate goal of all worshippers?

14. List the things needed to assuming the Christ-form (ritual supplies)

15. In Christian Roman Catholic/Lutheran/Episcopal & other denominations,on Ash Wednesday believers have their foreheads marked with the ashes of dried seeds that were given out at church the previous Palm Sunday the yea rbefore. The grass cross that is burned to ashes is a symbol of Christ. As the person receives the ashes on their forehead the ┬ápriest says: “Remember you are dust, and to dust you shall return.” On page 157 Tyson talks about making a cross of ashes and the dying of self into a the Christ-form. Do you think the Christian rituals are in anyway linked to what Donald Tyson describes here in the textbook?

16. On page 161 Donald Tyson describes kissing the white headband before it is put away. Priests kiss their stoles before putting them on and off in the Christian church. Again, do you see a connection between what Priests do and what Tyson is asking you as a magickian to do? Do you think that Priests are actually, then, magickians. If so, please explain your answer.

Spiritual Exercise:

Actually deciding to go ahead and assume the Christ-form has awesome implications for you personally and for the world as you begin to do spiritual work in His name and power. Are there any issues that come up for you in either your life or your thinking that ‘block’ your going ahead and doing this Christ-form ritual? Dialogue with these thoughts and talk back to them as to how you will overcome any objections your psyche is putting forth. (i.e Well you are a weak mere mortal, how dare you think you could be Christ. ) Talk about the authority of Christ to your doubting mind. Then list all the reasons why you are able to assume Christ during this ritual. (i.e. I am no longer an initiate in the Church of the Way, I have taken vows and I am ready…..)Then in a few months come back to what you have just written down and reflect on how you feel once you have done the Christ-form ritual a number of times.You’ll be able to see how you are growing spiritually and as Tyson says on page 148 “To change for the better, we must become one who is better.”

Questions by Rev. Diakonissa Rhonda

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