Lesson 16
The Watchtowers and Keys

Read Chapter 16 of Donald Tyson’s book, Power of the Name, formerly titled Tetragrammaton.

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You are about to do the very last lesson in the textbook.

1. Why was Dr. John Dee engaged in a series of magic experiments to establish communications with angels?

2. What are other names for Enochian material?
a) Great Table of the Four Watchtowers, Enochian Keys, Calls
b) Great Book of the Arcane Mysteries, Calls, Enochian Charts
c) Enochian Tables and Equinox, Charts of the Watchtowers, Calls of the Wings

3. T/F The Great Tablet is divided into quarters. They consist of one of the Watchtowers.

4. List the ‘letters of the Tablet of Union’. (Hint: when you are finished it looks a bit like an eye examination chart…but it is not one!)

5.Was Dee uncertain over about which Watchtower should go in which quarter of the Great Table? yes or no

6. Explain why Dee thought that the color for the direction east is red.

7. On page 168 Tyson discusses how it is not made clear in Casaubon just how John Dee chose to assign he elements to the directions. Given it seems that Kelley, Regardie and others have opinions as to which version of the Tables to use– do you personally think there is room in magick for some variations of practice? And if so, why?

8. Is it vital to understand that the orientation of the Great Table to the compass points does not change no matter how the Watchtowers may be shifted around it? Yes or No

9. Match the letters a,b,c, or d with the quadrant positions.
a = north, b = south, c = east, d = west
1. ORO, IBAH, AOZPI matches quadrant________
2. MOR, DIAL, HCTGA matches quadrant________
3. OIP, TEAA, PDOCE matches quadrant________
4. MPH, ARLS, GAIOL matches quadrant________

10. Taking the top line across of all three tables.
Table 1 = Raphael on p. 167,
Table 2 = The Original Great Table on p.169
Table 3 = The Restored Great Table of Tyson on p.172

Compare the letters. Match the letters with as listed below with their correctTable.
a) This is table________. rZilafAytlpaebOaZaRophaaRa
b) This is table________. rZilafAytlpaeTaOAduptDnim
c) This is table________. rZilafAutlpaebOaZaRophaRa

11. Out of the listed tables #1 (p.167), #2 (p.169) and #3 (p.172) which two are more similar than dissimilar?

Which table is different?

12. Drawing a conclusion then which table is Tyson’s “Restored Great Table”is closer to? __________
a) The Original Great Table or
b) The Reformed Great Table of Raphael?

13. Tyson says: “There are numerous mistakes in the names and their sigils in ___________and in ________________.”

14. On page 174 Tyson says that the placement of these sigils correspond with the Restored Great Table. How may they be changed to relate to either the Original Table or the Reformed Table of Raphael?

15. How would you answer Tyson’s question: “But can we trust Raphael, or believe that the revised Table is any more accurate than the original Table?”

16. Where does the name ‘Watchtower’ come from? (And we are not referring to the Jehovah Witness publication ‘Watchtower’!!)

17. And what did Kelley report seeing?

18. Later Kelley received more information from the spirit ‘Ave’. After reading the description on page 179 – 180 what are is ‘Ave’ making explicit references to?
a) the twenty-four elders, the government of the castles, and the Angels of the Aires
b) the Revelation of St. John, the twelve Banners of the Name, twenty-four elders
c) the Great Elders, the twenty four angels, and St.Thomas

19. How many angels of the lesser crosses attend on the principle sixteen angels?

20. How do you read the name of the king of each quarter?

21. Why are evocations of spirits of the Four Watchtowers called ‘Enochian Keys’????

22. T/F The Order system of linking the Watchtowers with their Keys is incorrect.

23. Match the description with the angels of the letters in the names on the Tablet of Union.

1. The third key evokes the angels of_____________.
2. The sixth key evokes the angels associated with the line__________
3. The fifth key evokes the angels associated with the Watchtower of Earth.
4. The fourth key evokes the angels that watch over the Watchtower of Water and this is their name__________

24. T/F Tyson believes Kelley fabricated the Keys.

25. Who did the spirit guide Madimi say her mother was–what was the quotation?

26. At the end of his book Tyson says “We must willingly invite the destruction of our universe with the speech from our own lips.” And “The Enochian angels used Dee and Kelley as unwitting dupes for their own purposes’ and “I do not believe Dee ever suspected that he was being used by the angels for the terrible and awesome purpose of transmitting the magical formula of the apocalypse to the human race.” As well he concludes by saying “If there be such a thing as an apocalypse it will take place on a psychic level, within the realm of the subconscious mind. ….this destructive but unsuspected possession of the subconscious will exhibit itself in chaotic and random acts of aggression, violence, and vandalism.”


Putting all this together….write down how you feel as you react to the above statements. Do you feel that you need to always be on the alert and protect yourself spiritually so that you aspire to the highest levels of Christ-like goodness, love, and benevolence? Do you think that your mission may be to help uphold all the mercy and power of God/the Christ-form for the betterment of the world rather than for destruction? Expand upon your response to what Tyson is saying on the last two pages. Talk about how Tyson’s last comments in his book make you feel and what your personal response as a person-of-magik will be to his warning about what happens when Enochian magick goes astray.

Note from Bishop Katia:  Some members have been upset by this final chapter.  Keep in mind the title of the book is “TETRAGRAMMATON: The Secret to Evoking Angelic Powers and the Key to the Apocalypse.”  Of course we do not want to “bring on” the apocalypse, but we do want to be able to recognize it when it comes, because the New Testament says, “even the very elect (elite) will be deceived.”  As priests and priestesses of the Most High, we need to study the so-called “Key” to the Apocalypse.Know your enemy is the rule we follow.  There are indeed forces at work in this world that want to bring about its end before the time is right. We often forget that Yeshua the Anointed (meaning “Christ/Messiah”)will come during the apocalypse and clean up the world.  Thus a few misguided people think it is actually good to “bring it on.”  When you write your essay as described above, keep in mind all these points and especially the distorted way of thinking which seeks to prematurely, artificially bring about the End of the World.

And now you are finished the lessons on Donald Tyson’s “TETRAGRAMMATON: TheSecret to Evoking Angelic Powers and the Key to the Apocalypse” book.

Good for you! Congratulations.

Questions compiled by Rev. Diakonissa Rhonda

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