Lesson 4
Understanding the Name

Read Chapter 4 of Donald Tyson’s book, Power of the Word, formerly titled Tetragrammaton.

Copy and paste the following questions into a new post to your Ning MemberFiles AOM 1st Degree study hall, insert your answers and post them with the subject line: Tetragram Lesson 4 from ________ (your magikal or priestly name)

1. Explain the relationship between DNA, the Serpent Staff of Hermes, and the Tetragrammaton. What does this say about us being created in the “image and likeness of God”?

2. How is it easy to misinterpret occult symbols?

3. What is a spiral?

4. What other symbol can be used to represent Tetragrammaton? Look at the symbol closely. How does it differ from the exoteric Christian cross?

5. What is the tetrahedron? How does it relate to Tetragrammaton?

6. What great mystery did Aleister Crowley observe?

7. How do the binaries in computer coding relate to Tetragrammaton?

8. How does the Yin-Yang relate to Tetragrammaton?

9. How does I Ching relate to Tetragrammaton?

10. How is the Lesser H the “twin sister” of the V?

11. Explain the relationship between Tetragrammaton and geomancy.

12. Explain the tetragram and its relationship to Tetragrammaton.

Essay 1

The Tetragrammaton, Star of David, Yin-Yang, Cross, and many other symbols represent a principle of equality. What is the message this should give religions worldwide?

Essay 2

Via (the Way) is the name of the religion/philosophy founded by Yeshua. It shares its name with the Oriental religion Taoism. How does the Via symbol relate to these two wise philosophies?

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