Lesson 6
Vibrating the Name

Read Chapter 6 of Donald Tyson’s book, Power of the Name, formerly titled Tetragrammaton.

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1. Why is ‘voicing the name’ of importance? Please explain.

2. What is meant by the words: “And the spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters”?

3. How is light linked to manifest structure?

4. The Renaissance magician Cornelius Agrippa wrote about the power of words.List what the power of words ‘do’.

5. What is Agrippa basically saying about words?

6. Define please what a ‘magical virtue’ is.

7. T/F The ancient Jews and also magicians do not believe that names embody the essence of the thing they represent.

8. Review. Why is the Tetragrammaton the greatest and most potent name?

9. What did R.Loew make with the 10 words of power?

10. T/F The true sephiroth are nothing other than the ten names of God.

11. List the cardinal, fixed, and mutable letters of the names of God. (Hint:they were used in the creation of the golem or ‘man’.)

12. Why could a Golem never have made another Golem by magic?

13. Why has Donald Tyson taken the trouble to discuss the Golem legend at such length in this chapter of his book?

14. What are the two aspects to any name? And why are they important?

15. T/F Mantras are used in Indian religions but are not important in magickal work.

16. T/F Consonants for the most part cannot be extended or elongated on the voice without the support of vowels.

17. T/F Vowels can not be voiced with a fully opened throat.

18. Try the Eastern mantra ‘OM’ or “AUM’ described at the bottom of page43. This is a good relaxation exercise as you connect with God and also some use it as a manifestation exercise (Dr.Wayne Dyer in ‘Meditations for Manifesting’ –1995, CD ). See what you think of doing this mantra and try it for a few days. One of the secrets to using it is to really make sure that as you say ‘AUM’ to really let your lips, jaw, face, neck, and check vibrate as you release the sound. If you like record your reflections as you try this exercise. (Does it feel odd? Do you like it more after trying it for a few days? Is it more meaningful when you go outside and try it?Or does it seem to work anywhere?)

19. Also try the ‘technique of the Golden Dawn vibration of words’ as mentioned on the bottom of pages 44 and 45 in your textbook. Again, record any impressions you have in your journal or write them down here as part of this lesson.

20. What is the formula for using a particular Banner for a specific purpose?

21. How is the ‘commanding voice’ used and why?

Sacred names carry clout. Discuss HOW faith and action, technique of implementing the names, and also belief all are linked to the effectiveness of the sacred formulas (names). How does this relate to you right now as a believer and adept-in-training? Include in your essay, where you are at this very minute in connection with believing that these names will do great things for mankind when used properly. Also write down as part of your essay where you think you will be after you have actually tried using the names in exercises Tyson has taught you in this chapter of his book. Contrast where you are NOW with how peoples of the past used sacred names. (If you like talk about how peoples of the past also were aware of using these names out loud. i.e. Teutonic rune masters, druids of the Celts, and female worshippers of Dionysius as mentioned on page 43.) After examining all of this explain why this information must be secret, carefully used, and how you plan to use it in your faith journey.

Questions by Rev. Diakonissa Rhonda

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