Order of Melchizedek Prayer Book
(this page contains some of our non-secret prayers)

Psalm of the Father-God
By Mark Raines

Hear, O Yahweh, the cries of your people!
For we are as aliens in a foreign land,
Scorned by nations and sacrificial cults.
But I will call upon the Lord, my God;
And he is worthy to be praised.

Who am I, Lord, that you should hear my call?
But you do hear; and Lord, you do respond.
Give glory to the King, O Israel!
For he has known you since conception,
From your mother’s womb has he called you.

Call upon the Father, all you righteous,
And he will give you rest.
What is Israel, but a nation?
What is Rome, but a palace?
Rise to Tsion, and call upon the Lord in his temple!

Call down the Lord in hardship and joy,
Be in his presence in grief and triumph.
He has consoled my most sorrowful pains,
He has created my most wonderful joys.
He is the Holy of Holies, and I am his temple.

The temple has seen calm and storm,
It has seen birth and death.
Yet by his grace it stands!
It stands in our hearts and minds;
It stands because we stand.

Shout to the Father, all the land!
He has raised you up on the last day.
No angel did he love more,
No prophet did he call further
Then he has loved and called the human heart.

Sing, sing, New Israel!
For in our despair there is hope;
In our darkest hour, there is light.
The Lord your God presides over justice,
And he will not abandon.

Sing, sing, Michael the Just!
The Lord is your King,
who rules over retribution.
Sing, sing, Gabriel the Clement!
The Lord is your Judge, and he is merciful.
He is the balance in the world we know.

Sing, sing, Raphael the Wise!
The Lord is your Teacher, the Wisest of the Wise.
Sing, sing, Auriel the Holy!
The Lord is your Priest, the Holy of Holies.
The King since time immemorial.

Sing, you people of God!
Adonai is the King of Kings, Lord of Lords.
Remember in your darkest hour, remember:
The Hour of the Lord is at our doorstep.
And lift your voices unto Heaven…

For we are waiting at the door.


The Canticle of Moses

Note: The refrain is read/intoned by the Kohanas (priestesses), while the rest is read by the Kohans (priests). This is not a matter of male supremacy, but a matter of the fact that Moses composed the original and Miriam was happy with just the refrain. (She wrote many a song herself which Moses had to be content with the refrain!) If you’re alone, read both the canticle and its refrain. If you are uncomfortable with saying the Holy Name – though there is no reason to be – you can substitute it with Elohim or Ha-Shem or “the Godhead.” When you come across the YHVH you pronounce, “Yahd-Heh-Vav-Heh.”

I will sing to YHVH, for It is gloriously triumphant;
Horse and chariot It has cast into the sea.
My strength and my courage is YHVH,
And It has been my savior.
It is my God, I praise It;
The God of my father, I extol It.
YHVH is a warrior,
YHVH is Its name!
Pharaoh’s chariots and army It hurled into the sea;
The elite of his officers were submerged in the Red Sea.

Sing to YHVH, for It is gloriously triumphant;
Horse and chariot It has cast into the sea.

The flood waters covered them,
They sank into the depths like a stone.
Your right hand, O YHVH, magnificent in power,
Your right hand, O YHVH, has shattered the enemy.
In Your great majesty You overthrew Your adversaries;
You loosed Your wrath to consume them like stubble.
At a breath of Your anger the waters piled up,
The flowing waters stood like a mound,
The flood waters congealed in the midst of the sea.


The enemy boasted: I will pursue and overtake them;
I will divide the spoils and have my fill of them;
I will draw my sword; my hand shall despoil them!
When Your wind blew, the sea covered them;
Like lead they sank in the mighty waters.


Who is like to You among the gods, O YHVH?
Who is like to You, magnificent in holiness?
O terrible in renown, worker of wonders,
When You stretched out Your right hand,
The Earth swallowed them!
In Your mercy You led the people you redeemed;
In Your strength You guided them to Your holy dwelling.
The nations heard and quaked:
Anguish gripped the dwellers in Philistia.
Then were the princes of Edom dismayed;
Trembling seized the chieftains of Moab.
All the dwellers in Canaan melted away;
Terror and dread fell upon them.
By the might of Your arm they were frozen like stone,
While Your people, O YHVH, passed over,
While the people You had made Your own passed over.


And You brought them in and planted them,
On the mountain of Your inheritance –
The place where You made Your seat, O YHVH,
The sanctuary, O YHVH, which Your hands established.


YHVH shall reign forever and ever.

The Canticle of Deborah
This time, the Kohanas read the canticle, while the Kohans read the refrain.

Of chiefs who took the lead in Israel,
Of noble deeds by the people who bless YHVH,
Hear, O kings! Give ear, O princes!
I to YHVH will sing my song,
My hymn to YHVH, the God of Israel.

O YHVH, when You went out from Seir,
When You marched from the land of Edom,
The Earth quaked and the Heavens were shaken,
While the clouds sent down showers.
Mountains trembled in the presence of YHVH, the One of Sinai,
In the presence of YHVH, the God of Israel.

Hear, O kings! Give ear, O princes!
I to YHVH will sing my song,
My hymn to YHVH, the God of Israel.

In the days of Shamgar, son of Anath,
In the days of slavery caravans ceased;
Those who traveled the roads
Went by roundabout paths.
Gone was freedom beyond the walls
Gone indeed from Israel.


When I, Deborah, rose,
When I rose, a mother in Israel,
New gods were their choice,
Then the war was at their gates.
Not a shield could be seen, not a lance,
Among forty thousand in Israel!


My heart is with the leaders of Israel,
Nobles of the people who bless YHVH;
They who ride on white asses,
Seated on saddlecloths as they go their way;
Sing of them to the strains of the harpers at the wells,
Where men recount the just deeds of YHVH,
Its just deeds that brought freedom to Israel.


Awake, awake, Deborah!
Awake, awake, strike up a song.
Strength! Arise, Barak,
Make despoilers your spoil, son of Abinoam.
Then down came the fugitives with the mighty,
The people of YHVH came down for me as warriors.


From Ephraim, princes were in the valley;
Behind you was Benjamin, among your troops.
From Machir came down commanders,
From Zebulun wielders of the marshal’s staff.
With Deborah were the princes of Issachar;
Barak, too, was in the valley, his course unchecked.


Among the clans of Reuben
Great were the searchings of heart.
Why do you stay beside your hearths
Listening to the lowing of the herds?
Among the clans of Reuben
Great were the searchings of heart!
Gilead, beyond the Jordan, rests;
Why does Dan spend his time in ships?
Asher, who dwells along the shore,
Is resting in his coves.
Zebulun is the people defying death;
Naphtali, too, on the open heights!


The kings came and fought;
Then they fought, those kings of Canaan,
At Taanach by the waters of Megiddo;
No silver booty did they take.
From the Heavens, the stars, too, fought;
From their courses they fought against Sisera.

The Wadi Kishon swept them away;
A wadi…the Kishon.
Then the hoofs of the horses pounded,
With the dashing, dashing of his steeds.
“Curse Meroz,” says YHVH,
“Hurl a curse at its inhabitants!
“For they came not to My help,
“As warriors to the help of YHVH.”


Blessed among women be Jael,
Blessed among tent-dwelling women.
He asked for water, she gave him milk;
In a princely bowl she offered him curds.
With her left hand she reached for the peg,
With her right, for the workman’s mallet.
She hammered Sisera, crushed his head;
She smashed, stove in his temple.
At her feet he sank down, fell, lay still;
Down at her feet he sank and fell;
Where he sank down, there he fell, slain.


From the window peered down and wailed
The mother of Sisera, from the lattice;
“Why is his chariot so long in coming?
“Why are the hoofbeats of his chariots delayed?”
The wisest of her princesses answers her,
And she, too, keeps answering herself:
They must be dividing the spoil they took:
There must be a damsel or two for each man,
Spoils of dyed cloth as Sisera’s spoil,
An ornate shawl or two for me in the spoil.
May all your enemies perish thus, O YHVH!
But your friends be as the sun rising in its might!


And the land was at rest for forty years.

The Glory Be
(also called Y H V H Prayer-Song)
By Katia Romanoff

This can be prayed on a rosary or prayer rope.  The Glory Be is to be said when you finger the wire/string that comes right before the large single beads. Those large beads, by the way, are called Pater Noster beads, meaning Our Father, because the regular Rosary has you say the Lord’s Prayer, also called the Our Father, while fingering them. (On some Rosaries the single beads are not made larger, so you just know them because they’re single—set apart from—-the groups of ten little beads, called decades.)

On wire before large single beads:
Say one Glory Be as follows:

Glory Be to the Father, to the Mother,
And to the Sacred Son,
And to the Lady Holy Spirit
They are the Four-in-One

As it was in the Beginning
Is Now and ever Shall Be
World without End
Age to Ages, say Amen

(Try this in your head to the tune of “What’s your Name? Who’s your Daddy? Is he rich, is he rich like me?” It sounds cool, and I use it as a Mantra by itself, without the rest of the Rosary.)

What’s Your Name? /becomes:/ Glory Be…
Who’s your Daddy? / To the Father, To the Mother
Is he rich? / And to…
Is he rich like me? / The Sacred Son
Has he taken..? / And to the Lady
Any time…. / Holy Spirit
To show / They are
To show you what it means…. / the Four in One (or Tetra–Gramma–Ton,
Together they make One, She is the Holy One)

Then the rock song goes up an octave or so, and you say the second half of the

Glory Be, to “Tell it to me softly, wonder why? I’d really like to kno—ow….It’s the time and the Season for loooov—-ving…”

(enter 60’s keyboarding. Hah. I know you guys think I’ve lost it now………..!) Hey that’s a nice haunting mysterious kind of song, and if anyone is musically inclined and wants to sing it and record it on a tape somehow, I will insert it right here in the website, so there!  If you get the song stuck in your head, that’s actually a good thing.  We get so much nonsense stuck in our heads, playing over and over like a broken record. Why not leash this power of the brain and make it repeat something magically/spiritually enriching.  Whenever a song gets stuck in your mind, change its words to a favorite mantra, affirmation, or prayer-spell.  Then it becomes a prayer-song, or song-spell.  You can actually program your life like a computer in this way.   If it is hard to make a song merge with your prayer or mantra, just simplify your prayer until you are only saying a few key words—just two or three words if you must—over and over.  If I get stuck in such an internal rut I say “Yahd. Heh. Vahv. Heh” to whatever tune is stuck in my head.

The second part of the Glory Be verse doesn’t precisely fit with the old rock song so you change the words like this:

Tell it to me softly / As it was in the beginning
Wonder Why? / It is now
I’d really like to kno—ow / Is now and ever shall be
It’s the time / Without end
Of the Season / Age to Ages

for loving / say A – men

Then you move onto the large bead, the Our Father/Pater Noster beads. Each time you come to a large bead you can say your favorite version of the Lord’s Prayer.  Take heart! There is no music part for the Lord’s Prayer beads! But if anyone can think of a song it might go to, please let me know…

The Canticle of Hannah

My heart exults in YHVH,
My horn is exalted in my God.
I have swallowed up my enemies;
I rejoice in my victory.
There is no Holy One like YHVH;
There is no Rock like our God.

Speak boastfully no longer,
Nor let arrogance issue from your mouths.
For an all-knowing God is YHVH,
A God who judges deeds.
The bows of the mighty are broken,
While the tottering gird on strength.
The well-fed hire themselves out for bread,
While the hungry batten on spoil.
The barren wife bears seven sons,
While the mother of many languishes.
YHVH puts to death and gives life;
It casts down to the nether world; It raises up again.
YHVH makes poor and makes rich,
It humbles, It also exalts.
It raises the needy from the dust;
From the ash heap It lifts up the poor,
To seat them with nobles
And make a glorious throne their heritage.
It gives to the vower Its vow,
And blesses the sleep of the just.

For the pillars of the Earth are YHVH’s,
And It has set the world upon them.
It will guard the footsteps of Its faithful ones,
But the wicked shall perish in darkness.
For not by strength does man prevail;
YHVH’s foes shall be shattered.
The Most High in Heaven thunders;
YHVH judges the ends of the Earth.
Now may It give strength to Its king
And exalt the horn of Its anointed!

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