Read Chapter 10: Lilith in The Hebrew Goddess, by Raphael Patai. Copy and paste the following questions to a new e-mail, answer them, then send to the Mystery School with the following subject line: Heb Gds 10 from _____ (your magikalname).

1. From what nation does the story of Lilith have its origins?

2. What are incubi and succubi?

3. T/F In Babylon, Lilith became a goddess.

4. In what bible passage do we find passing mention of Lilith?

5. Lilith look very much like the _______________.

6. What is a “get” (in Hebrew terms)?

7. What are magic bowls?

8. In what phases of the moon does Lilith do most of her work?

9. T/F The Jews do not use magical rituals.

10. From whom was Naamah descended?

11. Lilith is said to have manifested as what human royal personage?

12. What are the Tequfot?

13. Who replaced the Matronit as the consort of the King after the destruction of the Temple in Jerusalem?

14. The interplay between man and the two bafflingly similar ______________goddesses is indicative of the great ______________ that exists between the realms of the ____________ and the ____________ in the mystical Jewish worldview.

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