Read Chapter 3, The Cherubim, in The Hebrew Goddess, by Raphael Patai.   Paste the following questions to anew e-mail, answer them, then send to the Mystery School with the following subject line:  HebGds 3 from _________ (your magikal name).

1. What image is the exception to the aniconic rules in Judaism?

2.  T/F One of the two Cherubim is a female figure.

3. What is the most accepted explanation of the Hebrew noun “cherub”?

4.  How many images of cherubim were represented in the desert Tabernacle?

5.  With what tree are the cherubim associated?

6.  Why was the desert sanctuary called the tabernacle?

7.  In what is YHVH’s presence manifested?

8.  What two divine potencies are united in the cherubim?

9.  Why does Josephus contradict biblical texts on the temple?

10.  What are the two holy names?

11.  At what festival did the Hebrews regularly practice “lightheadedness”?

12.  During what time period could the form of the cherubim have been changed to show a male and female embracing?

13.  What act is referred to in the Zohar as an uncovering of the nakedness of the cherubim?

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