Read Chapter 6: Matronit–The Goddess of the Kabbalah inThe Hebrew Goddess, by Raphael Patai.   Send your answers in an email to the Mystery School with HebGds Chap. 6 from ___________ (your magikal name) in the subject line.

1. What does “Matronit” mean?

2. The Matronit is the central link between the _____________ and the_____________.

3. Name three goddesses who share many characteristics with the Matronit.

4. What is the Persian version of this goddess?

5. What are the four basic traits of the Matronit?

6. What ritual was performed by the King and Matronit in the Temple?

7. Who is the Christian patroness (or goddess) of armed might?

8. The Matronit is thus the ________________ of everything a ____________can be in order to sustain __________.

NOTE TO KATIA from Presvytera Deborah, writer of the questions above: This last phrase bugs the hell out of me. “In order to sustain man.”  I included it because it sums up the Kabbalistic attitude toward the Matronit; I guess they’re not as open and progressive as we would like after all! It’s all about men and their needs. Aarrgghh. Is there truly balance in this system?I doubt it. Sort of another “close but no cigar” scenario. So I’m starting to see that no one system has the whole picture. Syncretism is increasingly obvious to me! I’m glad that the Mystery School has not attached itself to one esoteric belief system, but offers info on a variety of subjects. Thanks!

Katia answers:  The word man should be mankind.  So the phrase would be “in order to sustain mankind.”  Man, though it sounds so sexist,comes from the word manas or mannaz and means, “the thinking ones.”  In other words, humans whether they have a womb or not — wo-man and man –we both are thinking ones. Is that more palatable for ya?  Hee hee.

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