Read Chapter 9: The Shekhina as Maggid and Vision inThe Hebrew Goddess, by Raphael Patai.  Copy and paste the following questions to a new e-mail, answer them, and send to the Mystery School with the following subject line: Heb Gds 9 from _____ (your magikal name).

1. What is a maggid?

2. According to the Kabbalists, how does one prevent the forces of evil from interfering with pious acts?

3. Though this information is not in the book, to what New Age “personages”are the maggidim similar? Of what do these spiritual beings remind you (in New Age lingo)?

4. T/F Visions of the Shekhina are much rarer than maggidic revelations.

5. With what two things is the Shekhina of the Hasidim associated?

Essay: What is your personal opinion of the maggidim, as well as the unification formulas? No right or wrong answer, but a chance to vent if you feel the need!

Presvytera Deborah wrote:

I think these concepts lead to a religion of fear instead of faith. If every move must be covered with formulaic prayer to avoid attacks from evil forces,who is really in charge? God or the enemy? Been there, done that, not fun,no desire to return!

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