The Hebrew Goddess, by Raphael Patai.  Read the Introduction at the front of the book, then answer the following questions. Send your answers in an email to the Mystery School with Hebrew Goddess Intro from ___________ (your magikal name) in the subject line.

Willendorfa, goddess of ancient european peoples
Willendorfa c. 22,000 BCE
Read more about her discovery.

1.  What are the “standard” body features of a paleolithic Venus, and why are they exaggerated?  Did these figurines have religious significance?

2.  The oldest cosmogonies, like the oldest forms of deity worship, typically start with a _______  _________?

3.  What are the 3 primary cultures of primitive food-gatherers?

4.  The workings of the goddess-archetype can be traced how and where? List several.

5.  True or False:  The female deities of the early monarchic Hebrew period subsequently disappeared and unfortunately did not transform nor retain their old sway over religious sentiments.

6.  What are the two unique contributions of prophetic Judaism to mankind, as mentioned in the book?

7.  True or False:  Comparative religion teaches us that there is in man no need for another god-head symbol besides that of the divine father.

8.  Official Judaism stresses which two aspects of religion.

9.  The “Genius of Idolatry” is translated as __________________, and according to tradition, was eradicated _________________ (when?).

10.  The Matronit, a true goddess, plays several roles, list four:

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