Sophia, Part 4. Sophia Today


Wisdom cries aloud in the open air, and raises her voice in public places.

She calls at the top of the bustling streets; at the approaches to the city gates she says:

“How long will you simple fools be content with your simplicity?

If only you would respond to my reproof, I would fill you with my spirit

And make my precepts known to you.”

(Prov. 1:20-23)

As we enter the new millennium, those of us in the West are beginning to see a radical shift away from the patriarchal Church towards “alternative”spiritual paths, whether Eastern, Pagan, or Esoteric. Many have grown weary of the archaic, soul-destroying notions of sin and redemption that have terrorized us and filled us with unwarranted guilt for so long. Numerous others have tired of the sexism, racism, and homophobia of exoteric Christianity,with its focus on a judgmental, all-male Trinity and a clergy which, despite recent advances, is still primarily male. Still others, faced with the grim realities of ecological disaster, rampant destitution, hopelessly unjust political practices, and military oppression, have fled from churches,synagogues, and mosques by the droves. Conservative Christians, among others,have hysterically accused America and Europe of “declining” into atheism and even Satanism. All because the “traditional” religions of the West have miserably failed and spiritual seekers are looking for renewal elsewhere.

It is my contention that we are now entering into a “New Age”, not some hippy-dippy, anything-goes age of “salad bar”- style religion, but an age in which we must finally acknowledge that patriarchy is a losing proposition and that the Feminine aspects of Divinity must be restored. While I am sympathetic to my Pagan sisters who are seeking to “usher in” a matriarchal age, I strongly believe that what the world calls for now is a balance between the male and female aspects of Divinity. To replace one exclusionary system with another is not only redundant, but also entirely unhelpful. In light of the advances made by the feminist movement, what the world calls for now is a spiritual system that reveres equally the Sacred Feminine and Masculine,the Yin and the Yang, the Anima and Animus.

Those of us who continue to adhere to a Judeo-Christian worldview must be  willing to explore and expand upon our own inherited cosmology. We must have the courage and the desire to acknowledge the Heiros Gamous, the Sacred Marriage,between Krist and his Magdalene. We must demonstrate the fortitude and the bravery to break free the Blessed Virgin Mary from the constrictive role the Church has assigned her and embrace her as Mother Goddess. We must look to the sacred wisdom of the Kabbalah, with its message of gender equality and Holy transcendence. And, we must restore Sophia, Divine Wisdom, to her rightful place alongside God-the Father.

Sophia’s fingerprints are all over the recent trends towards goddess-worship and feminist-influenced theology. As the Proverb says, Wisdom cries aloudi n the open air, beckoning us to Her, drawing us towards a centered, balanced righteousness that values both God-the-Father and God-the-Mother. Sophia speaks through the oppressed of our world that demand equality and justice.She speaks through those who have given up hope in the demeaning Judeo-Christian ethic, which has prevailed over the last two thousand years. Perhaps most importantly, she speaks to us through the Ever Blessed Mother Mary, who has”appeared” to numerous children and poor persons (those who are hopelessly/hopefully outside the dominant patriarchal structures that undergird the Western world) to proclaim a message of imminent destruction unless we change our ways and honor the dignity of our fellow human beings and of our Earth.

Sophia is speaking, loud and clear, but are we listening?

Exercises:  There are many ways to “hear” Sophia’s voice calling us. Below I propose four exercises that will assist you in hearing Her with more clarity. Please choose two of the exercises and report back to the Mystery School with your responses.

Send your reports to the MysterySchool with Sophia 4 from ________ (your magikal or clergy name)in the subject line.

Exercise 1

Search on the net and in books/magazines for articles on the occurrences of twentieth century Marian apparitions (Fatima, Marienfried, Banneux, etc.,). Write a brief report describing: a) to whom Mary appeared; b) what she said;and c) your personal “take” on her message(s).

Exercise 2

Choose two of the goddesses currently worshipped by Pagan/Wiccan groups and compare her to Sophia/Mary/Mary Magdalene. These goddesses might include:Isis, Athena, Demeter, Kali, Bridgit, Rhiannon, etc. In your brief report include a) how the goddesses are similar to their Judeo-Christian counterparts;b) how they are different: and c) how YOU think Holy Sophia might be speaking to modern woman/man through these deities.

Exercise 3

Read the apocryphal book of Wisdom of Solomon (available in many Bibles)and briefly discuss the following issues: a) How does Sophia present herself in this text; b) How does Sophia seem to influence human decision-making in this text; and c) How you think the Sophia presented here might have relevance in your life and the lives of modern women/men.

Exercise 4

Create an altar to Sophia within your own home. This altar MIGHT (or might NOT) include symbols of Mary Magdalene (the Red Egg, a green or red piece of fabric); or Mary the Mother of Yeshua (roses of any color; a Rosary; a blue piece of cloth) or it might include symbols that are sacred to Sophia alone (a pot of honey; a golden object; a cluster or grapes; a Star of David.)For a full week, meditate upon this altar and pray the prayer that precedes the first lesson. Also, read a chapter a day from The Song of Songs, which can be understood as a love song between King Solomon and his bride, Wisdom.When the week is over, write a report to the Mystery School with any feedback,revelations, or comments.

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