Read the Foreword and Preface in the Gospel of Mary Magdalene by Jean-Yves Leloup

The painting at left shows Mary Magdalene teaching women and men alike. She may have taught womens’ mysteries to the group of female students in Yeshua’s “School,” but in this painting the women also represent all the women of the world, including those of today, whom Mary Magdalene still affects, still influences.  She paved the way for women teachers, women priests, away almost always denied females. We examined this painting in the Contemplation Lab of the R+C Study Hall. There we paid attention to the rudderless boat MM was perhaps sent into exile in. Read more about this painting and its meaning.

After reading the Foreword and Preface, please answer the following questions. Cut and paste them into an email, insert your answers and send to theAbbey Council with the subject line:  “GMM Lesson 1 from ____________ (your magikal name)

1.  Who wrote the foreword (he’s a famous guy in Esoteric Christianity) and what is his profession?

2.  What does the foreword’s author say is a “shock from above.”

3.  What makes it nearly impossible for us to hear the spiritual traditions of the world?

4.  Deep self-knowledge is also known as what?

5.  What is the intimate meaning of Anthropos?  [This becomes even more clear later in the book, so don’t stress if this isn’t fully making sense yet]

6.  What is the Greek term for higher mind?

7.  What does the foreword’s author say about the Teacher within and about the way?

8.  What does every truly spiritual communication do?

PREFACE:  Who is Mary Magdalene?

9.  Who wrote the preface and who are these people?

10.  What is unique about Mary Magdalene’s name when the women around Jesus are listed in the Gospels?

11.  Trace the geographic path (list the ancient countries) the idea of seven energy centers (chakras) “traveled” thru to reach the Hebrews.

12.  How does the Hebrew menorah reflect the energy centers of the body?

13.  What is their take on the releasing of the seven “demons” supposedly possessing Magdala?

14.  How does footnote #10 say Rosicrucianism elevates each of the seven deadly sins?

15.  Footnote #11 says the Pistis Sophia is a highly edited version of what lost work?

16.  What is the true meaning of Yeshua’s famous request to Magdalene,”Me mou aptou?” Explain why this is a much more accurate meaning and explain why the Latin translation is harmful.

17.  What is apostolic succession?

18.  How is the word “tower” used in footnote #13 and who is speaking in this verse from the Pistis Sophia? Why is this significant to Mary Magdalene mysteries?

19.  T or F:  Magdala was present at Pentecost.

20.  Magdalene focuses on the _______ worlds of ___________.  Hersis the path of the __________ __________ accomplished within. After this paragraph the next paragraph says something very intriguing about what MM represents.  List the things she represents.

21.  Do you think it’s possible to find divinity in the senses?

22.  The word christ means what?  MM was the female minister of the rite of ___________ . She was a ministering __________ .

Questions by Katia Prioress