Goddess in the Gospels
Lesson Two

Read Chapter 3.  Copy and paste the following questions into an email,insert your answers and send to the Abbey Council with the subject line G in G 2 from ________ (your magikal name).


Chapter 3: The Dark Bride

1.  St. Francis of Assisi’s mother is rumored to have been a ____________.  Judging from St. Francis’ “brother sun, sister moon,” earth-based almost natural magic beliefs, do you think this rumor might be true?

2.  What is the scriptural prototype of the Black Madonna found in so many European shrines?

3.  List the names the Bridegroom calls his Bride in the Song of Songs(aka Canticles, aka Song of Solomon).

4.  True or False.  Margaret Starbird has always identified the Black Madonnas of Europe with Mary, the Mother of Jesus.

5.  The English hero-saint Thomas a Becket had a remarkable mother,too.  How does his mother Miriam’s story mirror Mary Magdalene’s and have you ever read the Costain novel or seen the movie,The Black Rose?

6.  Who gave sermons on the Song of Songs (Canticles) in the 1100’sA.D.? And whom did he call the prototype of the “dark bride” found in that Old Testament book? What very early Christian scholar also made the same connection?

7.  Starbird calls what 1980’s movie a “visual hymn of the Sacred Marriage,”and part of the separated lovers theme? Have you seen this movie? What is the significance of the eclipse at the climax of the story?

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