Goddess in the Gospels
Lesson Six

Read Chapters 11 and 12 in The Goddess in the Gospels (pages 137-153). Copy and paste the following questions into a new e-mail, answer them, then send them to the Mystery School with the following subject line: GinG 6 from__________ (your magikal name).

1. What is the gematria for “the Magdalene”?

2. With what shape is 153 associated?

3. T/F The spelling of “the Magdalene” adding up to 153 is accidental.

4. What Far Eastern symbol is similar to the symbol for Pisces?

5. Before we can claim our _______ ___________, we must find ways to heal the _________ ____________ in our own souls.

6. Who is the Grail?

7. What are Starbird’s two goals in reclaiming the Lost Bride? (see page145)

8. Briefly list some of the Old Testament foreshadowings of Mary Magdalene.

Note from Deborah Diakonissa: I have a problem with the use of prostitutes as prefiguring MM, unless you see her as a hierodule. I think this hearkens back to the “MM had seven demons, so she was a sinner, and being a woman,she must have been a prostitute” line of thinking. Perhaps Ms. Starbird should be encouraged to clarify this in later editions!

Essay: How do you plan to restore the Lost Bride? Briefly describe your ideas.

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Questions by Deborah Diakonissa