Cycle 1: Prophetic Revelations of the Bride’s Birth

Please read Cycle 1, pages 3 – 8 and answer the following questions. Send to the Abbey Council with Malachi StMM 1 in the subject line.

1.  Who was the circle-drawer and prophet from the hills of Galilee?

2.  Jeremiah glimpsed the image of _______  ___ – _____ , the _______human.

3.  Behind the man and woman of Light the ___________ archangel __________appeared.

4.  A heavenly voice proclaimed the coming of whom?

5.  How was it possible for Jeremiah’s soul to be taken on a tour of the Heavenly Abode?

6.  Jeremiah gazed upon the countenance of the “One Who Sits-Upon-The-Throne. What did he see in this great light emanation?

7.  The Light Presence descended to earth. What two forms entered into the world?

8.  The spirit of Yahweh led Jeremiah to ___________.  He spoke to the mother of ________  ________.

9.  After fulfilling his mission, Jeremiah died. It is said that he reincarnated quickly. Who did he return as? And who was this person a faithful disciple of?

10.  Another prophet when hearing the mysteries of the Holy Bride, called out to God to destroy the “demon” saying such things. Who was this“ demon” in reality?

11.  What caused Yeshua’s mother Mary to know her daughter-in-law before she ever met her? What was the water in the well? What was the well?

12.  Mary Magdalene’s mother could not fully accept and understand the holy miracle happening within her. Why?

13.  The people of foreign lands had received prophecies and visions of the coming of the Anointed One. Were they expecting a Christ Logos or a Christ Sophia?

14.  All are souls of ________ and are ________ to a great and terrible_________.

15.  Unless _______ drew near, how should it be that any might receive_______ _______?

16.  Mother Mary was able to meet with Elizabeth the future mother of John the Baptist. Why was she not able to meet with Mary Magdalene’smother?

17.  By typical translation what does “Lord God” indicate?* Hint: see the “Notes”.

18.  By esoteric implication, what does Seth mean?

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