Cycle 2: The Birth, Youth, and Early Life of the Bride

Read Cycle 2, pages 13 – 26 and answer the following questions. Send to the Abbey Council with MalachiStMM 2 in the subject line.

1.  Upon the eve of what Holy day was Mary Magdalene born?

2.  Who was the Queen of the Shabbat? *Hint: see Notes

3.  A holy man witnesses the assembly of fire and Light around the home where Mary Magdalene was born. He saw a division between the Queen of Heaven and her daughter. His wife also had a vision and saw a great divide between two others. Who were they?

4.  This holy man and his wife conceived a child that night. She was to become a disciple of Yeshua and Mary. Who was she?

5.  Why did the archons fear the birth of the Bride?

6.  The _________ and _______ cloud the minds of _________ _________so they _________ see the divinity __________ themselves.

7.  T / F  In her childhood, Mary Magdalene was an object of desire,but she felt haunted and alone.

8.  Although Mary Magdalene’s father made sure Mary was well educated he wanted what type of future for her?

9.  T / F  Mary was in love with the man she saw in her dreams,her Beloved.

10.  Mary was in turmoil. She had parents who pushed her toward the materialistic world of an arranged marriage but she had the dreams of her youth and the desire of her Holy soul. Who was largely responsible for this turmoil?

11.  Who was the dark Sophia?

12.  Mary faced seven demons as she descended into the seven abodes of __________?

13.  At the depth of her despair, Mary called out to the __________,to ________ ________.

14.  T / F After Yahweh answered Mary’s plea, she began to turn away from whoredom and use her wealth to help the poor and to help many slaves to freedom.

15.  The vision of what angel came to Mary to call her from exile?

16.  T / F Yeshua and Mary Magdalene shared one supernal soul.

17.  Yeshua’s’ soul was not fully in his body until what event?

18.  What else happened on the day Mary began her return to the Holy Land?

19.  The masters of the Sophian Tradition state that the story of Yeshua’s first wonder working at the wedding in Cana holds what secret?

20.  Some say that Yeshua and Mary were a holy man and a holy woman into whom the soul of the Messiah entered. Others say they were emanations.Where does the truth lie?

21.  Why was Yeshua a pure emanation and Mary a spontaneous emanation?

22.  What must anyone do who seeks the acquaintance of Our Lord and Lady of Initiation?

23.  What did the serpent give to the Mother of Life?

24.  What is the good fruit from this tree?

25.  Yeshua was like a ______ of the ________ _____ manifest in ________`_______ and Mary Magdalene was like a _______ of the ________  _______,both the ___________ of ___________ and Holy ________.

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