The Union of The Bride and Yeshua, Part C

Read Cycle 3, pages 29 – 36 and answer the following questions. Send to the Abbey Council with Malachi StMM3a in the subject line.

1. When Mary had returned to the Holy Land she went to where Yeshua was teaching.She was in awe of Him. How did He speak to Mary?

2. What did Yeshua say to Thomas when he questioned who Mary Magdalene was in regard to Yeshua?

3. A matchmaker witnessed a light-image come out of Yeshua and Mary and merge together. After Yeshua and Mary were married, she spoke of what she had seen to the women disciples of the Lord. What was her reward for what she had witnessed?

4. How were Mary’s seven demons exorcised from her body?

5. Who were the disciples chosen to baptized Mary?

6. When Yeshua banished the seven demons from Mary’s soul He gathered up the sparks of her soul and returned them to her. What did He do to protect her from future harm?

7. Yeshua replaced the seven demons in Mary’s soul with seven archangels,who also walked with the Him. Who were they?

8. When Yeshua and Mary were joined, what other two angels joined them?

9. Who is the angel of Sophia?

10. While Yeshua and Mary were in the wilderness, He spoke to her of the law. What is the purpose of the law?

11. Yeshua accepted Mary as she was, with all her faults and sins. What did He say to her?

12. T/F  After the Sabbath when Yeshua was teaching Mary the Way, he taught her even more mysteries than Moses had known.

13. When Yeshua taught Mary the secret ways a soul might attain the Divine rapture of unification with God, who did He invoke as a holy sanctuary to keep these teachings secret?

14. Who presided over the marriage of Yeshua and Mary?

15. During this ceremony the demiurgos and Satan trembled as their plotsunraveled and failed. Who were actually joined in this wedding?

16. The wedding of the Lord and the Holy Bride was the union of a priest-king and a priestess-queen, according to what order?

17. At the wedding in Cana, the Mother Wisdom told Yeshua, it is for ____________ of the _______ ________ that you have come _______ ______ _______,so that _______ might be ___________ and in her the ______ of the _________might be redeemed.

18. What transpires _______ also transpires ________.

19. What was conceived in the Bridal chamber of our Lord and Lady?

20. On that night, the _________ __________ was restored. Since that holynight the _______ of _________ ________ has remained _________ and all ________us, only there are ______ who have ______ to see it.

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The Union of The Bride and Yeshua, Part B

Read Cycle 3, pages 37 – 50 and answer the following questions. Send to the Abbey Council with Malachi StMM3b in the subject line.

1. Who were the three holy women who always walked Yeshua?

2. What was the common Hebrew name the three Mary’s shared?

3. In Mary Magdalene, Yeshua was joined to the Divine Mother as the Living Father was joined to whom?

4. What did Yeshua say of Mary Magdalene that many still cannot accept eventoday?

5. Who was Mary Magdalene’s twin?

6. Mary co-preached the __________ of ________ with the Lord Yeshua and performed all manner of _________, for she was __________ and ___-__________ with Him.

7. He is _______ the _______ and she is _______ the ________. Together, they are the _________ ______, the seed of __________ humanity.

8. Our Lady and Our Lord embody the Soul of the _________.

9. What did Mary inspire the Lord to impart?

10. T/F  Yeshua considered Mary as equal to Him and scolded his disciples telling them they should be thankful that He loved her as He did.

11. What are those skilled in Arayot able to do?

12. Mary loved to dance and when she did, the spirits of saints and angels would dance with her. What happened to anyone with unclean or evil spirits,or to anyone who was ill when they came into Mary’s presence while she was dancing?

13. What does the term “Kallah Messiah” mean? *Hint: see Notes.

14. What was at the heart of the Gospel of womanhood that Mary taught to the women disciples?

15. Define the presence of the Logos.

16. The Mother and the Son and the Bride are merely personifications; wha tthey are exists within you and is your own bornless nature. This is called what?

17. We know Mary Magdalene received teaching from Yeshua. Did she receive teaching and initiations from anyone else? Who were they?

18. What special gift did Ratziel give Mary? Why was it special?

19. T/F  Mary’s education was incomplete in the presence of Yahweh?

20. Who is the Light-transmission of the true apostolic succession?

21. The image of the Great Seth is the union of whom?

22. What is the basis of the wedding feast or Eucharist of the Sophian Gnostics?

23. Who was the spiritual twin of Our Lady and became her successor?

24. In essence, what is the Sophia Nigrans?

25. How does one come to know Our Lady? How does she appear?

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The Union of The Bride and Yeshua Part C

Read Cycle 3, pages 50 – 58 and answer the following questions. Send to the  Abbey Council with Malachi StMM3c in the subject line.1. Did our Lord have secret disciples? Give an example.

2. Who were the two youths who captured the heart of Our Lord?

3. Name the three bright faces of Our Lady.

4. Name the three dark faces of Our Lady.

5. These six faces plus the face of St. Mary Magdalene also have seven faces in each. The fiftieth face of Sophia is that of Mother Sophia. What happens to those who behold the fiftieth face of Sophia?

6. Name the few who were drawn into the Light-transmission with Our Lady.

7. T/F  When one is the same on the inside and the outside they are said to be embodied with the Spirit of Truth.

8. The masters of the Gnostic Tradition say that Christhood is what?

9. Those who receive teaching from Yeshua alone are lacking what?

10. The ________with St. Mary Magdalene formed the _________ ________ of________, grounding __________ _________ in the world and serving as the________ of the _________.

11. What did Our Lord say to Peter the adversary?

12. _______ was to Mary as ________ was to Yeshua.

13. Did Mary know about what lay ahead for Yeshua?

14. Did Mary ever put herself before the Lord?

15. When will the reception of the Bride occur?

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