Read Cycle 4, pages 63-85, The Holy Bride and the Mysteries

Then please answer the following questions. Send to theAbbey Council with Malachi StMM4 in the subject line.

1.  Yeshua and Mary are ______ soul and ________ person of Light, thoughappearing as _______ and _________.

2.  What is transpiring between the time of the First Coming and the time of the Second Coming?

3.  Lady Mary would often say, ” Look ________ and ________ the Lord to see the _______ image of ________, and look ________ and ________ you to see the ________ and _______ in yourself”.

4.  What occurred to allow the light and darkness to transcend and for the True Light to be revealed?

5.  What is the mystery of the love-play of Our Lord and Lady?

6.  Some have said that the Lord is the Soul of Light and Mary is the material body, which when joined to the Soul of Light, becomes a Body of Light. What mystery and what secret does this phrase contain?

7.  When do the masters of the Sophian Tradition say that the Gospel begins?

8.  God created the heavens and earth with ten holy utterances. What was created when the Anointed one spoke His ten holy utterances?

9.  The Ten Commandments bound the faithful to the Law. What did the Ten Blessings do?

10.  Name the six women most often traveled with Mary Magdalene.

11.  To what is the name Salome connected and what does it mean?

12.  What are the six emanations of Sophia through which the Living Word flowed?

13.  What was the purpose of the Gospel?

14.  T/F  Mary was transfigured at the same time as Yeshua?

15.  What was Mary doing when she anointed the Lord’s body?

16.  What is the true meaning of the symbol of the cross among Sophians?

17.  Who was the only one of the disciple to return to the women and hold vigil for Yeshua after He was arrested and the only one who held vigil with them at the foot of the Cross?

18.  T/F  There are several mysteries concerning the words Yeshua spoke from the Cross.

19.  What are considered to be the two holy relics from the Crucifixion?

20.  T/F  The Sophians believe that Mary suffered the Stigmata and the pain and anguish of the crucifixion.

21.  What was the vow Mary made in the Supernal Abode?

22.  When was the True Gospel given to the disciples?

23.  At the time of Pentecost the Risen Savior appeared to those assembled in the upper room. He appeared as tongues of fire that came to rest upon the head of every disciple. Who fled from this fiery Holy Spirit?

24.  T/F  The Mother and the Bride are the same Wisdom?

25.  Who is the redemption of true womanhood?

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