The Holy Bride and the Mysteries Part A

Read Cycle 5, pages 89 – 101 and answer the following questions. Send to the Abbey Council with MalachiStMM 5a in the subject line.

1. Who became the guardian of the Holy Mother and who became the guardian of the Holy Bride.

2. How did Mary know it was time to take her son and depart from the Holy Land?

3. What did Mary do to assure her circle would continue after she left?

4. Who traveled with Mary?

5. What is the meaning of the sacred lance and the Holy Grail?

6. T/F The people of Southern France had received prophecies of the coming of the Great Goddess?

7. T/F Mary spent her time in France in quiet and meditation.

8. The presence of the Holy Bride was like a wildfire spreading through the people and the land, driving out all ________ and manifesting the ________of the _________ ______.

9. Was everyone happy with the teachings and wonders of the Holy Bride? Explain briefly.

10. A jealous sorcerer was angry that he had lost his power over the people and he tried to undermine the wonder workings of Our Lady. An angel of The Lord visited him in a dream as did Yeshua, and they warned him of his own undoing. He ignored these warnings and cast a spell of destruction seeking to steal Our Lady’s soul. An angel of Our Lady appeared to the sorcerer and gave him Our Lady’s soul. What happened to this sorcerer?

11. Where do the both the spirits of light and darkness dwell?

12. Did Mary ever exorcise evil spirits like Yeshua did to the seven demons that had dwelt in her?

13. Were spontaneous healings uncommon when Mary was near?

14. Who was the Bride meeting with when she went out into the woods to meditate?

15. Mary was often seen with wolves and others beasts. Some called Mary _________of ________ _________ and sometimes ________ of the __________.

16. Whom did Mary teach?

17. Mary had the ability to heal through God’s Spirit. Why did she also sometimes use herbs and flowers?

18. Who was Brother Azrael? *Hint: see notes.

19. Our Lady had many circles of followers. There was an _______and _____church and a _______ order within the interior church. This gave rise toseveral lineages each having its ______ in the lineage of ____ _____. It is said that some of these lineages continue today.

20. How did Mary always correct error?

The Holy Bride and the Mysteries Part B

Read Cycle 5, pages 101 – 125 and answer the following questions. Send to the Abbey Council with MalachiStMM 5b in the subject line.

1. How did Mary teach the young man seeking wealth a lesson?

2. Why did Mary call Yeshua dangerous?

3. Mary describes Yeshua to one of her disciples as “The ________ ________,like _____ ________”.

4. When Mary said that the Lord is not Yeshua and the Lady is not Mary, how did she then describe herself and Yeshua?

5. Did Mary receive everyone who came to her as a disciple? Explain briefly.

6. Who are the Lilith, Naamah, and Iggaret? *Hint: see notes.

7. How was the Wicked Disciple dealt with?

8. Mary explains about the man who was a “broken vessel” by saying “When a _____ has been fired, but then __________ or breaks, it cannot be __________. A ______ pot must be fashioned in order for a ________ ________ to be formed”.

9. T/F  Mary describes death as, “Merely a passage of the soul of Light from a husk of darkness, for truly, as the Lord lives, death has never existed.”

10. T/F  All women, who were blessed by Lady Mary in matters of fertility,bore weak and sickly children.

11. How does Our Lady explain why she says that children bless her?

12. Did Mary ever seek to be worshiped as God or as The Anointed One?

13. Mary taught that we cannot be fulfilled by favors of men or by anything of this world. Who was the woman she taught this to?

14. Did Mary ever raise the dead as Yeshua did?

15. Was Mary a time traveler or a shape shifter?

16. What is the nature of the bridal chamber?

17. Why did Mary Magdalene not save her friend Anna from death?

18. When Mary died, did she ascend as Yeshua had done? Explain briefly.

19. Where is the “new” Holy Land to be found?

20. Through whom will the Second Coming transpire?

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