Alabaster Jar Lesson 3: The Blood Royal and the Vine

The painting shown at right is the Soul of the Rose by John William Waterhouse, 1908. He based it on a line of Tennyson’s poetry, “And the soul of the rose entered my blood.”  Mary Magdalene was the soul of the rose and she entered both Yeshua’s blood and the bloodline of their descendants.

Read pp. 49 – 64, Chapter 3 in Margaret Starbird’s book, The Woman With the Alabaster Jar, the essay below, and then answer the questions that follow.

It is probable that Yeshua had a secret dynastic marriage with Mary of Bethany, that she was a daughter of the Tribe of Benjamin, and that their marriage was a way to bring together Jerusalem itself and the lands surrounding Jerusalem, which belonged to the Tribe of Benjamin. King Saul was of the Tribe of Benjamin, and his daughter became King David’s wife. The tribes of Judah and Benjamin have been the closest allies throughout history. Such a dynastic marriage for Yeshua and MM would have appealed very much to the Zealots. As we know, at least two of Yeshua’s inner circle (the twelve apostles) were probably Zealots. Many more disciples that were not of the inner twelve were no doubt also Zealots.

Some scholars believe that only the royalist leaders knew of Yeshua’s marriage, in order to keep the Magdalene’s identity safe from the Herodian tetrarchs and the Roman governors. The authorities crucified Yeshua on grounds of treason against Caesar, afraid that he might try to claim his throne as “King of the Jews.” After they exterminated this threat to Rome’s political power, they would surely have sought to exterminate any direct heir, as well. Any mention of Yeshua’s marriage or children was most likely deliberately concealed. This is another possible explanation as to why Yeshua’s marriage was not included in the Gospels, nor the Pauline letters, nor other Apostles letters. It is usually assumed that the early church fathers were misogynists (woman-haters) and erased all mention of Yeshua’s marriage. It is even possible that Paul had no idea that Yeshua was married. He was not close to Peter and James, being in fact their theological opponent most of the time, so Paul may not have known what surely Peter and James knew – that Yeshua’s wife was Mary, called the Magdalene. Luke therefore would also not have known, since he got his story from Paul. Matthew, Mark, and John may have deliberately obscured references to the Magdalene in fear of Pontius Pilate and King Herod hunting her down.

The word “Magdalen” itself is probably a reference to the Magdal-eder, a prophesied tower and stronghold found in chapter four of the Book of Micah. It’s probable that the word Magdalen was misunderstood before it was ever put in writing. This title was most likely an allusion to the Magdal-eder, speaking of Micah’s prophecy of the restoration following her exile. Starbird asserts that the earliest use of the Aramaic word “Magdala” in Mary of Bethany’s name probably had nothing to do with the town in Galilee, but was referenced to the Magdal-eder that had been prophetically forced into exile. Protecting the Magdala / Magdalene and her children (the Davidic Vine) would have been the disciples’ top priority – particularly the Zealots’ top priority.

Conflation of Mary of Bethany & Mary Magdalene
It should be pointed out that many Magdalene experts do not believe Mary of Bethany and Mary Magdalene are the same person. The lakeside town of Magdala (modern Migdal) sits a short walk from Cana, where most believe Yeshua and Magdalene were married. Migdal is also very close to Sepphoris where Yeshua grew up.

The town of Nazareth is next door, too, but as we have studied, Nazareth was a town invented in the 300’s A.D. in order to explain the title “Jesus the Nazarite” aka “Nazarene”. Jesus/Yeshua couldn’t have been from Nazareth, a town that didn’t exist. He grew up in the city of Sepphoris, a few miles north of modern Nazareth. Nazareth still didn’t exist even later in the historian Josephus’ day.

As stated above, it is possible (though probably unlikely) that Paul knew nothing of Yeshua’s marriage to Mary Magdalene. She was no longer in Jerusalem after Yeshua’s crucifixion and she isn’t mentioned anywhere in the Acts of the Apostles or even in any of the Apostolic Letters or Paul’s Epistles. This presents the further hypothesis that Paul may not have even known who she was. For if he had, he would have used her as an example when speaking of goodly women in the Church. He never did. Perhaps Peter and James kept her identity from him – possibly because prior to his “apostleship” he was killing Kristians left and right. A changed man or not, they would probably have not revealed the Bride of the Messiah and her children to an ex-persecutor. All this is speculation, the older theory of a misogynist Paul jealous of any woman having an intimate spousal link to his new God Jesus still might be the best explanation as to why Paul fails to mention Magdalene. We hope it was because he too wanted to protect her and Jesus’ family. Margaret Starbird often points out that Paul failed to mention Jesus being unmarried when he advises young Christian men to be celibate. Paul says be celibate like me, and never mentions Jesus. If Jesus had been unmarried, surely Paul would have said, “Our Lord was celibate, so we must also be so.” But he never does.

First Lady of Christianity
There are seven lists of the women that travelled with Yeshua in the Gospels. In six of the seven lists, Mary the Magdalene’s name is given first, even ahead of Mary the Mother. It is also clear that she had special precedence in the community of disciples – since she was the first to see and speak to Yeshua at the tomb. It becomes clear that Mary Magdalene was indeed the First Lady of the Daughters of Tsion, the High Priestess of the Mysteries, and the Queen of the Jews.

After the Ascension, Magdalene may have journeyed into Egypt, and from there a few years later proceeded to France.

Make no mistake, Yeshua was seen by his contemporaries as a king. He was not the simple son of a carpenter the Roman church has chalked him up to be. He was probably upheld in the Zealot community as the King of the Jews. Consider that Yeshua was crucified. Crucified. Look in Acts of the Apostles for the story of Stephen. He is stoned for blasphemy. Stoning is always the punishment for blasphemy, because crucifixion is not a Jewish punishment. In order for Yeshua to be crucified, he would have to break Roman law. He would have to commit an act of sedition.

We know that the Holy Family (Joseph, Mary & Jesus) fled into Egypt after Kristmas. It is also possible Magdalene could have fled into Egypt while pregnant, and given birth to a daughter there. French legend has it that Magdalene’s daughter was St. Sarah. Sarah, in Hebrew, means “queen” or “princess.” Legend also has it that the people of France thought the child was Egyptian, and even portrayed her later as dark-skinned.

Finally, we trace the Royal Bloodline into the blood of the French monarchs, the Merovingians. Let’s break down this word. Mer, o, vin, gians. Mer and vin connected with the “o” would mean “vine of Mary.” Interestingly, the bee was the symbol of the Merovingians. (Even more interestingly, the bee is the symbol of the Church of Latter Day Saints, but don’t dare ask them if they believe in the Goddess, ha!) The bee signified the Goddess of Love and also was an Egyptian symbol of royalty. The word Essenes literally means “bees.” It is believed that the Merovingians, the vine of Mary, used the bee as a symbol to honor Mary the Magdalene and her daughter, Sarah.

Copy and paste the following questions into an e-mail, insert your answers, and send to the Mystery School with the subject line reading: “Alabaster Jar, Lesson 3  from ______________  ”

1. T/F – Mary of Bethany is believed to be descended from the Tribe of Judah.

2. Who might have been the only ones to know of the marriage between Yeshua and Magdalene?

3. T/F – Paul definitely knew about the marriage between Yeshua and Mary Magdalene.

4. What Old Testament book does the prophecy of the Magdal-eder come from?

5. T/F – Paul may not have known Mary Magdalene existed.

6. Why might the disciples not have told Paul about the Magdalene?

7. T/F – Mary Magdalene was the first to see Yeshua after His Resurrection.

8. What would Yeshua had to have done in order to be crucified rather than stoned?

9. T/F – Legend has it that Yeshua and Magdalene’s daughter was named Rebecca.

10. What does the name “Merovingian” mean?

Short Essay Question 1: Look around on the Internet and see if you can find any other meanings for the symbolism of the bee.

Short Essay 2: Why do YOU think Paul never mentions Mary Magdalene or the fact that Yeshua was married?

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